Is Three Mile Island Still in Operation? Radioactive Zones, Dangerous Spots & Active Status!

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Is Three Mile Island Still in Operation? Radioactive Zones, Dangerous Spots & Active Status!

Three Mile Island had a huge explosion of radioactive gas, Iodine in 1979 and now, people are wanting to know if the Three Mile Island is still in operation and radioactive. Can you visit the place or is it abandoned and dangerous? Let’s find out about the Three Mile Island’s operation update and active status. Here’s everything you need to know about 3 Mile Island’s operating info and whether or not it is open today in 2022.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island is a new Netflix real-time docuseries that takes us back to the 1979 days. Typically, on 28th March 1979, a destructive explosion took place in Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, and still today, that incident brings goosebumps to everyone’s hands.

While the vent was disastrous, detrimental, and frightening, it’s been many years since its occurrence, and it somewhat had been out of the controversial range. However, Netflix successfully brought The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant to the heed with the release of its docuseries, Meltdown: Three Mile Island on 4th May 2022.

Since then, people are quite invested in knowing more about The Three Mile Island, and also, many questions are surrounding on if the three-mile island is still operating and radioactive and if it has been disclosed. Let’s find out the depth of The Three Mile Island.

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Is Three Mile Island Still in Operation and Radioactive?

On 4th May 2022, a new Netflix docuseries, Meltdown: Three Mile Island premiered. This particular American docuseries entirely focuses on the real-life incident that took place at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania.

Every other morning the nuclear power plant would have its workers and operators starting off their days from it but on 28th March 1979, early in the morning, alarms started ringing simultaneously and the workers were filled with perplexity as they weren’t understanding what was happening.

Several faulty types of equipment espoused creating an explosion in the nuclear power plant, and the date, 28th March 1979 changed from being a normal day to a disastrous day filling everyone’s lives with intense fright. To be specific, on that particular day, the plant leaked radioactive iodine 131 gases.

Now, with the release of Netflix’s Meltdown: Three Mile Island, the interest of people in knowing about Three Mile Island has increased as well. More than anything, the audience is highly curious about knowing if the Three Mile Island is still in operation and still radioactive.

The 45 years of legacy of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant came to an end when it was permanently shut down on 20th September 2019. Stopping its operation was for good, and after shutting down the nuclear power plant, around 99 percent of its fuel was removed. As of the present, the reactor coolant system is fully drained and the radioactive water decontaminated and evaporated.

Although the nuclear power plant is not in operation, it has been claimed that the place is still radioactive, however, on the other hand, it has been said that it is completely safe to visit the Three Mile Island. Earlier, during the time of the explosion, they even had warned the people to avoid that particular area as it was too radioactive which could directly incline in increasing the number of cancer patients.

As of today, the Three Mile Island is not kept under restriction, and thus, people are seen visiting the nuclear plant area as almost 99 percent of fuel has been removed already. But it does not mean that the place is completely safe as still a single percent is making the place radioactive.

Will Meltdown: Three Mile Island Have a Second Season?

Meltdown: Three Mile Island is an American docu-series that was made following the real-life event that took place on the Three Mile Island.

To that point, the show will no longer bring a second season to the docuseries as Meltdown: Three Mile Island has covered all the parts of the explosion, from the starting to the end of the incident.

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