Billie Garde Whistleblower: Meltdown Three Mile Island Update!

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Billie Garde Whistleblower: Meltdown Three Mile Island Update!

Whistleblower Billie Garde from ‘Meltdown: Three Mile Island’ on Netflix worked with fellow whistleblower Rick Parks to publicize the information about the scary accident on the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor near Middletown, Pennsylvania.

A terrifying accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor outside Middletown, Pennsylvania, in March 1979, had massive ramifications. Meltdown: Three Mile Island, a four-part Netflix documentary series, dives at what transpired and how the authorities handled the issue.

Billie Garde, who works for the Government Accountability Project, learned about the unfortunate incident through whistleblower Rick Parks. Billie, a whistleblower herself, collaborated with Rick to make the facts public. So, if you want to learn more about Billie, we’ve got everything you need.

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Whistleblower: Who is Billie Garde From Meltdown Three Mile Island?

Billie Garde was a transitory employee with the US Census Bureau in Muskogee, Oklahoma, at the time of the tragedy in 1979. It was a period that had an impact on both her work and personal life.

Billie had divorced her husband, Larry, by October 1978, and the pair first shared parenting of their two girls. However, her employment controversy corresponded with her relinquishing custody of her kids.

Billie accused her boss, John Hudson, of encouraging her to fabricate test results for people he chose for patronage employment. Billie also said that John requested her to recruit ladies who could deliver sexual services to visiting government leaders.

Billie Garde was dismissed from her job at the Census Bureau shortly after making this information publicly available in 1980. Per her, John assisted her husband in rescinding the previous custody arrangement for the two daughters.

Larry allegedly called Billie’s boss soon after the story was published and petitioned for custody the same day. Larry, on the other hand, disputed that it had any impact on his judgment, noting that John volunteered to help, but he declined. But Billie’s problems didn’t end there; she said she had been hounded, intimidated, and vandalized.

Billie Garde stated that her products were left on the loading bay for days after she was dismissed and planned to depart Muskogee. According to her, whenever the movers attempted to load her belongings, unidentified people wielding knives chased them away.

Meltdown Three Mile Island: Where is Billie Garde Now?

Billie Garde‘s whistleblowing ultimately resulted in John Hudson being acquitted on a couple of offenses, culminating in a prison sentence. Billie, on the other hand, reclaimed custody of her kids with the assistance of the Government Accountability Project.

After receiving her legal degree in 1986, she moved on to work for GAP. Billie has become a champion for whistleblowers thanks to the non-profit organization. Billie eventually became the director of the Residents’ Clinic, where she represented citizens who believed regulatory agencies were not carrying out their duties.

Billie Garde raised skepticism about staying in the same field in 1986, saying, it’s quite intense, it’s a lot of labor, and it’s a struggle, while a lot of it is aimed towards windmills, which are quite significant.

She has, however, clearly stayed on the same road and now co-owns a law firm. Billie appears to live in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and handles employment-related disputes. Aside from that, she is now a grandmother and treasures her time with her family.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island is currently streaming on Netflix.

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