Georgia Hassarati From Perfect Match: Find the Former Too Hot to Handle Cast on Instagram!

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Georgia Hassarati From Perfect Match: Find the Former Too Hot to Handle Cast on Instagram!

Georgia Hassarati from Netflix’s Perfect Match is an Australian-based model as well as a midwife who previously was one of the cast members of Too Hot to Handle Season 3. Known for breaking rules, the 27-year-old was previously linked to many THTH alums, including Harry Jowsey. Follow to know more about Georgia with her Instagram handle (@georgiahassarati). 

Have you ever considered what it would take to create the *perfect* reality dating show? Obviously, some of the more known reality dating programs may still rule supreme, but imagine one that combines competitors from a variety of reality shows. Extremely meta and, without a sure, dramatic. That’s precisely what Netflix has to offer with Perfect Match.

To create the ultimate reality dating experience, Perfect Match brings together previous competitors from fan-favorite series such as The Circle, Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, The Mole, 20somethings: Austin, and more. Nick Lachey, the show’s host, intends to take contestants through several compatibility tasks in order to (hopefully) help them discover their “perfect match.”

Following each compatibility test, the successful couple goes on a date before entering the boardroom. They choose additional singles in the house and pair them up with members of other existing couples. Every day, the couples must rematch, and those who are left alone must leave the house…immediately.

Many people are interested to know about Georgia Hassarati, one of the highlights of the show. Previously a cast of Too Hot to Handle, Georgia is known for her exotic personality and past relationships. Well, let’s know about her in detail.

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Georgia Hassarati From Perfect Match: The 27-Year-Old Star Was Previously a Part of Too Hot to Handle Season 3!

As of 2023, Georgia Hassarati (@georgiahassarati) from Perfect Match resides in Brisbane, Australia, and is learning to be a midwife. (She has some photos from her training in her Instagram highlights.) In addition to midwifery, she has done various corporate deals on her account, which has amassed almost 1 million followers as of the time of writing. In fact, it seems she is up to becoming an internet star these days rather than a midwife.

Georgia Hassarati is no stranger to breaking the rules. She would be a great candidate for this couple-swapping program given her pricey rule violations and frequent partner switching on Too Hot To Handle season 3. Nonetheless, let’s hope that someone made it clear to her that the purpose of the program is to find your Perfect Match, not torment as many people as you can. She’s terrific at getting people’s attention, but her track record of staying with someone is less impressive.

Georgia doesn’t have any old ex-boyfriends hanging around on this program, which is excellent news (yet anyway). There are no former lovers to tempt her unless you include Izzy Fairthorne, with whom she had a $3,000 kiss. Yet, she could find a way given that she accumulated an extra $12,000 in romantic damages before the season was over. The lovely Australian doesn’t intend to hurt anyone, and in fact, she appears to be rather innocent, which just makes matters worse. She’s only here for fun, which raises the issue of whether she possesses the killing instinct required to succeed in the game.

Talking about her past relationships, Georgia has had relationships with three of her male Too Hot To Handle co-stars. Stevan Ditter, a tattooed model, was the first to push Georgia’s bad boy button. Eventually, in episode 6, she became interested in rugby player Gerrie Labuschagne. Following that, there was another short-lived romance, but even when they broke up, they continued to support one another socially.

Last but not least, and perhaps most noticeably, Georgia was on an on-again, off-again roller coaster with entrepreneur and model Harry Jowsey ( Too Hot To Handle season 1 cast member). Interesting fact: She and Francesca Farago both had a relationship with Harry. Despite the emotional strain, the situation caused Harry, he has only been good to Georgia. Once more, the proof is overwhelming: Georgia causes a lot of broken hearts but very little emotional harm.

However, it seems things have changed now for her. As seen on Perfect Match, she has a fresh perspective and wants to settle down with a partner with whom she may travel and have children.

Additionally, we have to note that she is absolutely obsessed with her pet dog, Sponge. In 2021, Sponge entered Georgia’s life as a Christmas present. Georgia’s Instagram clearly has a soft spot for Sponge. There, she displays her impressive culinary abilities, flaunts a wide range of provocative attire, and publishes updates on her profession as a midwife. Everyone seems to love her, including her patients. Georgia enjoys taking pictures of her travels and can adjust to either the Maldives or a snowy peak.

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