Does Savannah Palacio Leave Perfect Match? Did She Really Get Eliminated?

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Does Savannah Palacio Leave Perfect Match? Did She Really Get Eliminated?

Yes, Savannah Palacio leaves Perfect Match. After Nick Uhlenhuth decided to continue the show with Ines Tazi, she was unable to find another partner for the third match-up night. Eventually, that led to her elimination. However, we can hope she might be back if Netflix decides to air a reunion episode.

The brand-new dating series Perfect Match premiered on Netflix on Tuesday, kicking off the season of love. Love is Blind‘s Nick Lachey hosted the event, revealing that Netflix’s most eligible singles are back for a new spin on romance. With the aim of discovering true love, stars from The Circle, Ultimatum, Selling Tampa, and Too Hot To Handle returned to the screen.

The group of ten singles is placed in a sunny villa and has to team up to overcome both challenges and temptations in order to win the title of the perfect match. In order to change the dynamic in the house, they will have the chance to bring in new, hot singles. The first season’s 12 episodes include a lot of coming and going since the person who remains without a match at the end of the night is sent home.

Fans were happy to see several well-known reality stars return to television, but once Savannah Palacio was sent packing, their happiness quickly turned into displeasure. On the other hand, many viewers are confused if Savannah really leave the show since only 4 episodes of 12 have been released so far. Well, let’s find it out.

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Yes, Savannah Palacia Leaves Perfect Match as She Failed to Find a Match for Her Third Match-up Night After Nick Chose Ines Tazi!

Yes, Savannag Palacio (@savpalacio) really leaves the set of Perfect Match as she was unable to find a partner to perform her third match-up. Since the show’s format eliminates the contestant who fails to pair up, she was forced to leave the show.

Initially, Savannah had some interest in Dom Gabriel. However, Dom paired up with Francesca Farago. Later, she and Nick Uhlenhuth (@nickuhlenhuth) paired up because Nick also couldn’t pair with the person he wanted to be with. Francesca, of course!!

Nick and Savannah decided to cooperate together since they knew they needed to have every advantage possible for the next compatibility challenge. All through the night, they discussed strategies for outdoing one another and becoming the best. They demonstrated that their efforts paid off when they won in the first compatibility challenge and received access to the boardroom. Given that she had the choice of bringing two new males into the house, Savannah wanted to make sure that the recent additions may be excellent fits for her as well.

However, Savannah and Nick were paired together once more when it came time for the second match-up night since they were unable to find any other suitable love matches. Nick, on the other hand, was unable to help but lament Savannah’s refusal to give them the opportunity to be more than just a tactical ally. When it came to the kissing challenge, he wanted to make his on-screen partner seem good. The Circle star enjoyed their kiss, but she remained hesitant to pursue a committed relationship.

A lot of things changed when Anne-Sophie Petit and Chase DeMoor decided to set up Nick’s date with Izzy Fairthorne (@izfairr). Nevertheless, after agreeing to exchange partners with Shayne, Nick had to break the news to Savannah that he was no longer interested in her. Savannah tried to convince Nick to choose her but failed, so when things didn’t work out the way she wanted, she went to Dom. However, her plans were disrupted, which led to a conflict with Francesca.

Ines Tazi interacted with Nick in the meantime and indicated an interest in teaming up with him. By the end of the night, only Francesca and Dom, Joey and Kariselle, Chase and Georgia, Nick and Ines, and Izzy and Shayne remain together, leaving Savannah and Anne-Sophie single and eliminated. As a consequence of their outrage, fans criticized the dating program and defended Savannah on social media. One fan tweeted,

Are these men deaf, blind and dumb Savannah is literal perfection – turning this off now that she’s out.

Another wrote,

And once again Savannah doesn’t make it past episode 4. I’m so sick to my stomach nick can CHOKE.

Similarly, another fan told that she is angry because of her early exit. She wrote,

I was P****D when she left the circle so early and I’m pissed she left this so early too she deserves better.

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