Bartise Bowden From Perfect Match: Reddit Users Wonder What Happened Between Him & Nancy Rodriguez; Find Him on Instagram!

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Bartise Bowden From Perfect Match: Reddit Users Wonder What Happened Between Him & Nancy Rodriguez; Find Him on Instagram!

Bartise Bowden from Netflix’s Perfect Match is a fitness freak who was previously a part of Love Is Blind Season 3. As many Reddit users wanted to know, the 27-year-old said ‘NO’ while he was about to get married to Nancy Rodriguez. Follow to know what happened between them after their split and find him on Instagram (@bartiseb).

Netflix reality stars team together for Perfect Match, the streaming service’s latest reality dating show. The first set of episodes of the show premiered on Valentine’s Day, and it brings together the “famously single” stars of some of Netflix’s unscripted series—including Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum, Too Hot to Handle, The Mole, and others—in a tropical paradise to try and find love. Bartise Bowden from Love Is Blind Season 3 is one of the cast members that will be recognizable to viewers.

Bartise Bowden, who quite famously turned into a show villain this past autumn, is one Love is Blind participant that viewers are probably not going to be delighted to see his return on their television screens. But yes, he is making a comeback with Perfect Match.

Of course, many viewers who didn’t see Love Is Blind Season 3 as well as many Reddit users want to know more about Bartise, including what happened between him and Nancy Rodriguez. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Bartise Bowden From Perfect Match: The Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Is Back Again in the New Netflix Series to Find His Soulmate; Learn What Happened Between Him and Nancy Rodriguez!

Robert Bartise Bowden, also known as Bartise (@bartiseb), was born on July 16, 1995, and raised in San Antonio, Texas. His mother was married to another man when his parents, Penny and Robert Bowden, first met. She nevertheless made the choice to travel with Robert because of their romantic relationship. In memory of a father-daughter friend who lost their lives in a motorcycle accident, the Perfect Match cast was given that name.

Bartise played basketball often in high school, but things changed in his final year. His dreams of playing Division I basketball were dashed when he fractured both of his ankles during a game. Bartise decided to enroll in a D-3 school to pursue his passion for the game, but after seriously injuring his second ankle, he eventually gave up.

In 2013, he then enrolled in The University of Texas at Dallas, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting in 2017. At the time, he was a member of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. Bartise graduated from the same school with a Master of Science in Accounting in 2018.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 made it evident that the 27-year-old star was passionate about fitness. He started training weights at the age of 20 when his basketball career was over. The athlete was won over by the approach, and he soon started putting in a lot of effort to promote his growth on all fronts—physical, mental, and emotional. Bartise is interested in how changing a person’s diet and exercise regimen may affect how their body appears. He also enjoys motivating others to achieve fitness goals and push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

When we last saw Bartise on THTH 3, he was on his way down the aisle with fellow season 3 participant Nancy Rodriguez (@thenancyrodriguez), but while Nancy said yes, Bartise said no, and the two split on their wedding day. Everyone could see Nancy’s pain, and nothing, not even his hasty arrival to provide his explanation, made things better. He said that even while he valued the close bond that had grown between them over time, he did not believe that they were prepared to get married.

Nancy’s family members tried to get involved in this conversation on her behalf, but she stopped them and cut them off. Later, after changing settings and gathering her thoughts, the almost bride stated unequivocally that she felt completely led on by him and that whatever between them was finished from that moment on – she had no desire to be harmed any longer.

Although Nancy and Bartise are following one another on social media as of this writing, it is clear that their relationship has not progressed. Around a year after their time at the altar, the Netflix showrunners met up with the couple. It came out that they were still good friends and frequently got together to talk. Bartise finally chose to speak candidly with Nancy in order to let her know that they would not be resuming their relationship.

Nancy’s response was completely out of character for Bartise; she not only accepted his suggestion but also decided against the concept of keeping their relationship going forward. Afterward, she said that she had grown more self-assured and that letting go of Bartise had been really liberating for her. While Nancy has occasionally spoken out about her fellow cast members in general without making any explicit comments about her ex-boyfriend, Bartise has posted multiple posts showing his ex-fiance. On the other hand, we hope Bartis gets his soulmate this time in Perfect Match.

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