Kariselle Snow From Perfect Match: Age, Height, Birthday & Instagram of the Former Sexy Beasts Cast!

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Kariselle Snow From Perfect Match: Age, Height, Birthday & Instagram of the Former Sexy Beasts Cast!

Kariselle Snow, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Perfect Match, is an American model and a social media from New Jersey. The 27-year-old was born in East Hanover in 1995 and celebrates her birthday on December 19. Standing at the height of 5′ 6”, she was previously a cast of Are You the One? and Sexy Beasts. Follow to know more about Kariselle with her Instagram handle (@kariselle).

Perfect Match, Netflix‘s newest dating show, has debuted, giving contestants from the streaming giant’s other reality shows a second chance at love. Perfect Match will see your favorite dating show contestants who were unlucky in love on their first try given a second chance. Contestants will pair up and take on challenges, similar to Love Island, in order to prove their worth and win the show.

Kariselle Snow, also known as Kari Snow, has appeared on several reality dating shows. Fans may remember her from the eighth season of MTV‘s Are You the One? or the Netflix show Sexy Beasts, where she competed as the Panda. Kariselle is now competing in the Netflix all-star dating competition series Perfect Match to find love once more.

Kariselle is a pageant queen when she’s not competing on dating competition shows. She won Miss New Jersey at the Miss USA pageant in 2020, and she enjoys cosplay, as evidenced by the multiple photos on her Instagram handle. On Perfect Match, this stunning blond beauty is full of energy and is sure to liven up the party. Read on to learn everything about the Netflix reality star!

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Kariselle Snow From Perfect Match: Standing at the Height of 5’6’’, the 27-Year-Old Star Is a New Jersey-based Model, and a Social Media Influencer Who Previously Appeared in Sexy Beasts!

Kariselle Snow (@kariselle) is a 27-year-old East Hanover, New Jersey-based model, and a social media influencer. She first gained attention after appearing on MTV‘s Are You The One? season 8 in 2014 where Kariselle (referred to as Kari in the show) self-identifies as bisexual, and the entire cast of the show identified as sexually fluid.

Most people remember her as Miss New Jersey, a title she won at the Miss USA pageant in 2020. Standing at the height of 5′ 6”, she has extensive magazine experience; her first cover shoot was for Infecta Magazine. Kari is currently gaining attention for her appearance on the reality show Perfect Match. This year’s Valentine’s Day special was directed by Anthony Gonzales with some familiar faces appearing on the dating show, including Francesca Farago from Love Is Blind and Chloe Veitch from Too Hot to Handle.

Kariselle Snow was born in New Jersey, United States in 1995. Snow’s parents are unknown, but our team discovered that the reality show star spent her entire childhood in East Hanover and celebrates her birthday on December 19. And in her senior year of high school, she tried out for modeling jobs and was luckily chosen in season 8 of Terrence Jenkins‘ reality dating series Are You the One? which aired on MTV.

Viewers loved her pairing with Kylie, but when the duo got into the truth booth, it was revealed that they do not consider each other to be ideal partners. Furthermore, Kari began her modeling career after the show and worked on multiple photoshoots. She even began uploading her creations to her YouTube channel.

Likewise, Kariselle has also appeared on Sexy Beast where she spent the majority of her time wearing a Panda headpiece to cover her face, as the show required contestants to wear prosthetic make-up to conceal their appearance. In a twist on the Love Is Blind concept, a new picker would date people who were similarly disguised in each episode and choose the person with whom they had a genuine connection over their appearance. She eventually chose Tyler Smith, who was dressed as an alien for the show, Sexy Beast, but revealed on Instagram that their relationship ended due to the pandemic.

According to sources, Snow is bisexual, making her a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. She never hides her true self and encourages others to do so as well. She is currently single, but she is friends with a handsome man named Josh Kuza. According to Kariselle, she and Josh have made a pact that if they cannot find a suitable partner within the next ten years, they will marry each other.

Similarly, Kariselle has previously expressed a desire to be a lawyer on Instagram but has since joked that she ended up not being able to even finish a communications degree. She’s worked as an influencer, nightlife host, and NFL dancer since appearing on Are You the One? Likely, she has also worked as an activist, and she has been open about sharing her experience as a domestic abuse survivor on her YouTube page.

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