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Dom Gabriel’s Zodiac Sign & Age: When Does the Perfect Match Cast Celebrate His Birthday?

Feb 20, 2023 @ 1:54 EST
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Dom Gabriel’s Zodiac Sign & Age: When Does the Perfect Match Cast Celebrate His Birthday?

Talking about his zodiac sign, reports suggest that Dom Gabriel is a Capricorn. However, it has yet to be confirmed as the Perfect Cast has never revealed his date of birth. We do know that he is 30 years old but we've yet to figure out when he celebrates his birthday.

Perfect Match is a reality dating show that reunited stars from Netflix reality shows such as Too Hot To Handle, Love is Blind, and others. The reality show follows 10 individuals as they search for their "Perfect Match."

Each night, each participant gets the opportunity to pair with someone. Yet, the series throws curveballs at them as they compete in compatibility tests, with the winner going to the board room to bring in new singles and throw a wrench in current relationships. Beginning in February, fresh episodes will broadcast every Tuesday, leaving fans with cliffhangers from week to week until a couple is crowned the season's "Perfect Match" at the end.

Dom Gabriel is one of those cast members for the first season who has a lot more going for him than simply a magnificent, tattooed physique to catch viewers' attention. People want to know more about him, including his zodiac sign and age. Well, we've got you covered.

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Dom Gabriel’s Zodiac Sign: While His Exact Date of Birth Is Yet to Be Revealed, Reports Suggest That the 30-Year-Old Is a Capricorn!

We do know that Dom Gabriel (@dontcalldom) was born in 1993 in Toronto, Canada, however, his exact birth date has yet to be revealed. On the other hand, some sources report that his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Hence, we can assume that the Perfect Match cast celebrates his birthday somewhere between December 22 and January 19.

For those who are unaware, Dom Gabriel first appeared on Netflix in The Mole, a popular reality show hosted by Alex Wagner. Anderson Cooper hosted the original ABC series for the whole five seasons. By communicating honestly and establishing friends, Dom soon established himself as a capable contender in the streaming reboot. However, he did not receive the prize money he had hoped to earn for his mother because he was eliminated from the competition in Episode 4.

Since then, the punk rock Greek god has moved to Toronto and formed a band called DØNTCALL with his former roommate and producer, Keegan Grebanier. Dom's band published an EP titled me, anymore, in addition to singles like Glossier Lips, Truth or Dare, 7 Minutes In Paradise, and Drunk Texts & Missed Calls.

Furthermore, we can't overlook the fact that Dom is a massive 6'4′′ and covered in tattoos - talk about a great fit. Dom's tattoos, as predicted, play a significant role in who he is on the show, with many of the ladies in the villa drooling over the 30-year-old reality star's beautiful body and various artwork.

Despite the fact that his career is only getting started, Dom is still seeking a partner who would accept him for who he is and delight in his romantic and nerdier interests (like anime and comic books). Fortunately, he finds a Perfect Match straight away.

Despite being in high demand in the villa, Francesca Farago chooses to spend the first night with Dom. Dom and Francesca got along very well, but the second challenge's results, which revealed them to be the least compatible couple, put their relationship to the test.

Savannah Palacio makes Dom Gabriel the target of a move in the third episode, which upsets Francesca. The Too Hot to Handle star eventually pays Savannah a visit; they argue about the incident and insist that Savannah avoid Dom before calling The Circle alum a "shady piece of s—t." Dom and Francesca's bond grows, and their efforts are rewarded as they win the third challenge and are named the villa's most compatible pair.

Yet, when they approach the boardroom, everything begins to unravel. Francesca chooses to go on a date with her "friend," former Love Is Blind star Damian Powers, rather than sending one of the villa's other girls. Even though we have yet to witness what occurs in the forthcoming episodes of the show, we can confirm that Doma and Francesca are no longer together.

We don't know how the program will conclude for any of them, but Francesca is currently in a committed relationship with her new boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan. The duo has been open about their romance on Instagram.

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