When Does the Rest of Perfect Match Come Out? Release Date of Every Episodes!

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When Does the Rest of Perfect Match Come Out? Release Date of Every Episodes!

Talking about the rest of the episodes of Perfect Match, two more four-episode batches come out on February 21 and February 28. It means that all 12 episodes will be available on Netflix by February 28.

A new reality dating show mega-mashup called Perfect Match brings together all-star alumni from Netflix series like Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, and The Circle to frolic around in their crop tops and bikinis in a tropical setting. They all live together in a beautiful villa there, causing havoc. Participants are put to the test in outrageous “Double Dare”-style games on the beach as the drinks flow and the drama is at an all-time high in an effort to — of course — find their perfect matches.

Ten Netflix reality stars will mix and match each night in an effort to choose their ideal partners. The winning couple will receive a special privilege: they will be allowed to bring in two additional singles to the villa in an effort to match with or seduce their cast members. The compatibility challenge will test their matching abilities the following day.

Released on February 14, 2023, the show will match these attractive Netflix stars with one another and then test their compatibility. However, all of the 12 episodes of Perfect Match have not been released. Only 4 episodes have been released so far. Of course, many viewers wonder when the rest of the episodes come out. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Rest of the Episodes of Perfect Match: Two More Four-Episode Batches Will Be Released on February 21 and February 28!

As mentioned earlier, Netflix announced that there are 12 total episodes of Perfect Match. 4 episodes are currently available to stream on the streaming platform and 2 more four-episode batches will be released in the coming weeks. It makes sense that you want to know when the remaining episodes of season 1 will come out after watching the stunning finale of Perfect Match episode 4. Well, here’s the full schedule of the remaining episodes:

  • Episode 5 – February 21
  • Episode 6 – February 21
  • Episode 7 – February 21
  • Episode 8 – February 21
  • Episode 9 – February 28
  • Episode 10 – February 28
  • Episode 11 – February 28
  • Episode 12 – February 28

That means the full season of Perfect Match will be available to stream on February 28. There will be one more-week wait for those who choose to wait for the release of the entire season before watching. On the other hand, the show has already experienced an increase in popularity, climbing to the top of Netflix’s self-reported top ten. It appears that Netflix’s strategy of releasing reality shows in batch releases might be fruitful for them as people become more desperate to watch what happened next.

Although a reunion special hasn’t been publicly confirmed by Netflix, it’s possible that one may be made available following the season finale. There are many reunion specials for certain Netflix episodes, such as Love is Blind, but not for others, such as Too Hot to Handle. On occasion, Netflix may release “where are they now” or mini-reunion videos on social media rather than their main website. Keep tuned to Netflix Life for more information on what happens next with Perfect Match.

Find Out Who the Richest Perfect Match Cast Is!

Let’s take a look at which of the fan-favorite competitors is a great catch based on their net worth while spectators wait to find out which pair will win the mystery prize and the title of Perfect Match.

  1. Calvin Crooks (The Circle) – $300,000
  2. Diamond Jack (Love Is Blind) – $300,000
  3. Chloe Veitch (The Circle) – $400,000
  4. Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) – $500,000
  5. Colony Reeves (Selling Tampa) – $700,000
  6. Anne Sophie Petit Frere (Selling Tampa) – $1 Million
  7. Damian Powers (Love Is Blind) – $1-3 Million
  8. Savannah Palacio (The Circle) – $1-5 Million
  9. Joey Sasso (The Circle) – $1.5 Million
  10. Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle) – $3 Million

Several of these attractive individuals have found fame and money as a result of appearing on their own dating reality shows. It is understandable why many of these celebrities have sizable fan bases. Social influence and product endorsement are the main sources of revenue for Chloe Veitch, Savannah Palacio, Georgia Hassarati, and Francesca Farago.

Yet, not every contender relies only on their social media presence; others hold more traditional professions. Market manager Damian Powers has a job there. Both Colony Reeves and Anne Sophie Petit Frere hold real estate licenses, with the former being the founder of her own brokerage. Calvin Crooks works as a software developer.

Also, there is also a professional actor. Joey Sasso is well-known for his work on the 2018 movie D*ck DIckster, for two television series, Girls5evaGeneral Hospital, and for winning the first season of The Circle.

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