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Fans Think Motel Makeover is Annoying & We Can't Blame Them!

Aug 29, 2021 @ 6:07 EDT
Fans Think Motel Makeover is Annoying & We Can't Blame Them!

Viewers of Netflix's Motel Makeover claim lead cast members April Brown and Sarah Sklash are utterly annoying despite the reality show being absolutely entertaining.

Best friend turned business partners April Brown and Sarah Sklash have opted to transform into "moteliers." Despite non-existent experience in hospitality, designing & restoration, they have already refurbished a derelict motel in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and renamed it The June Motel.

They're embarking on a larger, more expansive project in Sauble Beach, located on the shores of Lake Huron, in the brand new Netflix series Motel Makeover. Oh, and they begin the renovations just as the COVID pandemic begins.

While the show on paper looks fascinating, many viewers are voicing their concerns about how annoying it is. Why do social media users think the show is annoying? Let's find out.

Is Motel Makeover Annoying? Fans Think So!

Since Motel Makeover premiered on Netflix on 25th August 2021, many viewers on the internet are leaving no shortage of effort to express their annoyance. But what exactly is so irritating about the show?

A quick glance at Twitter provides all the perspectives you need. The infuriating aspect of the show to the majority seems to be the accents of the lead cast members April Brown and Sarah Sklash.

The show also stars renovation project manager Courtney Mann along with minor appearances from Christine Jovellanos.

One user on Twitter said,

These chicks on Motel Makeover have really weird, annoying influencer/youtuber accent that I hate

A person replied how they arrived on Twitter after 30 seconds of witnessing this show to see if it was only them. "I may watch this show on mute…"

Another tweeted,

Motel Makeover on Netflix looks interesting but both the women talk very sing songy and it’s super annoying

The third despite the annoyance claimed to be entertained by the brand new Netflix show.

Motel Makeover is so cringy...srry girls but yall's valley vocals are so annoying...but also I'm absolutely entertained

Another posted a tweet,

I tried watching Motel Makeover and lasted 2 mins. These women couldn’t be more annoying! 2 valley girls renovating with barely any experience. Awful

The fifth expressed their displeasure in a similar vein.

Ten minutes into Motel Makeover. What’s with their voices? That guttural sound is so annoying. #MotelMakeover

Needless to say, there were countless posts about the unpleasant voice of Netflix's Motel Makeover stars.

I tried to finish the first episode of #motelmakeover on netflix, great concept but the two of them are so annoying, the way they talk and behave is absolutely unbearable.

Check out some more tweets:

Well, April and Sarah (whose gender is heavily speculated) may not have the most soothing voice, but it's undeniable that they're still super talented and most viewers would definitely want to stay at The June Motel.

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