Find Dom Gabriel From Perfect Match on Instagram & TikTok: Birthday of the Former ‘The Mole’ Cast!

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Find Dom Gabriel From Perfect Match on Instagram & TikTok: Birthday of the Former 'The Mole' Cast!

Dom Gabriel from Netflix’s Perfect Match can be found on Instagram under the username (@dontcalldom). The former ‘The Mole’ cast is 30 years old in 2023, however, information regarding his birthday has yet to be revealed. Follow to know about Dom’s journey in the Netflix show and find him on TikTok.

Perfect Match is a new reality dating show mega-mashup that brings together all-star alums from Netflix‘s collection of programs such as Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, and The Circle to frolic around in their bikinis and crop tops in a tropical location. They all share a lavish villa there, causing chaos as they all live together. In an effort to — of course — discover their perfect matches, participants are put to the test in bawdy “Double Dare”-style activities on the beach as the drinks flow and the drama is at an all-time high.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the show premiered this week. Beginning in February, new episodes will air every Tuesday, leaving viewers with cliffhangers from week to week until one couple is named the “perfect match” at the end of the season.

Of course, viewers want to know more about their favorite participants. Dom Gabriel, who previously participated in The Mole, has been one of the highlights of the latest Netflix show. Similarly, many people want to find him on Instagram. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Perfect Match: Meet Dom Gabriel on Instagram & TikTok; The 30-Year-Old Star Has Not Revealed When He Celebrates His Birthday!

You can find Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match on Instagram under this handle (@dontcalldom). Born in 1993, he is 30 years old in 2023. However, he has yet to reveal when he celebrates his birthday. As previously mentioned, Dom was first featured in The Mole on Netflix, a beloved reality competition hosted by Alex Wagner. Anderson Cooper served as the host of the original ABC series throughout all five seasons.

Dom quickly established himself as a capable contender in the streaming reboot by interacting honestly and making friends. He did not, however, obtain the prize money he had planned to win for his mother because he was eliminated from the competition in Episode 4. Since that time, the punk rock Greek god has traveled to Toronto and joined forces with his old roommate and producer, Keegan Grebanier, to form a band named DØNTCALL. Along with hits like Glossier Lips, Truth or Dare, 7 Minutes In Heaven, and Drunk Texts & Missed Calls, Dom’s band released an EP named me, anymore.

Dom is still looking for a partner who would accept him for who he is and indulge his romantic and nerdier passions despite the fact that his business is just beginning to take off (like anime and comic books). Fortunately, he matches with someone in Perfect Match immediately away.

Despite being highly in demand in the villa, Francesca Farago chooses to pair up with Dom on the first night. The results of the second challenge, which showed Dom and Francesca to be the least compatible pair, put their relationship to the test despite the fact that the two got along pretty well. Thankfully, they reject that idea and strengthen their bond. The drama still hangs over them, of course.

In the third episode, Dom is made the object of a pass by Savannah Palacio, upsetting Francesca. Eventually, the Too Hot to Handle star approaches Savannah; they dispute over the incident and demand that Savannah keep away from Dom before calling the Circle alum a “shady piece of s—t.” Dom and Francesca continue to strengthen their bond, and their efforts are rewarded as they win the third challenge and are named the villa’s most compatible couple.

However, as they enter the boardroom, things start to go sideways. Francesca chooses to go on a date with her “friend” and former Love Is Blind star Damian Powers rather than sending one of the other females from the villa. Even though we have yet to see what happens next in the show in the upcoming episodes, we can confirm that Doma and Francesca are not together anymore.

We have no idea how the show will end for both of them but Francesca is currently in an open relationship with her new boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan. The couple has been flaunting their relationship on their Instagram.

Additionally, we can’t ignore the fact that Dom is a massive 6’4″ and covered in tattoos – yeah, talk about being our perfect match. As was to be expected, Dom’s tattoos play a big part in who he is on the show, with a lot of the women in the villa swooning over the 30-year-old reality star’s gorgeous body and different artwork. Looking at his Instagram, we don’t think he has a girlfriend right now. However, there’s a high chance he might be in a private relationship. You can also find him on Tiktok.

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