Meet Francesca Farago’s New Boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan: The Perfect Match Cast Is Dating the TikTok Star in 2023!

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Meet Francesca Farago’s New Boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan: The Perfect Match Cast Is Dating the TikTok Star in 2023!

Francesca Farago from Netflix’s Perfect Match is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan, as of 2023. The couple has reportedly been together since their encounter at a Pride month event in June 2022. Additionally, the couple has been hinting that they might get engaged very soon.

Perfect Match on Netflix is a dating reality show that brings together contestants from various dating shows and evaluates their compatibility. Each night, the competitors are required to form couples and share a private suite in the villa before taking on other couples in a series of tasks based on compatibility. The winners are given the power to choose who gets to go on dates and who may enter the villa.

The contestants are then required to select their perfect match once more after the introduction of the new singles. The person who is still single by night’s end is eliminated from the villa and the competition. The reality series, which has participant drama and is hosted by romance guru Nick Lachey, has a unique concept and is fun to watch.

Francesca Farago, a former Too Hot to Handle cast, had a pretty good connection with Dom Gabriel in the show. However, reports suggest that she is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend. As a result, many people have been wanting to know about her new partner. Well, let’s find it out.

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Francesca Farago’s Boyfriend: As of 2023, the Perfect Match Is in a Relationship With Jesse Sullivan!

As of 2023, Francesca Farago (@francescafarago) is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan (@jessesulli). Yes, she is not dating Dom Gabriel now. Matter of fact, we believe Farago and Sullivan might soon get engaged as well. The Perfect Match cast posted a photograph with Jesse on her Instagram to start the new year in which Jesse commented, “2023,” with a wedding ring emoji next to it. It clearly indicates that they might get engaged in 2023.

Talking about her boyfriend, Jesse is a 33-year-old trans dad and content maker who frequently uploads videos with his daughter, Arlo. The vocal campaigner and dedicated parent appear to have Francesca, 30, completely enamored, and Jesse reciprocates her feelings. Although he likes traveling with Francesca, Jesse appears to live in Los Angeles. He utilizes his platform to talk about significant topics, including trans rights. Jesse also cherishes his relationship with his daughter.

The two “fell in love quickly,” according to Francesca Farago, after being introduced at a Pride month event. No spoilers here, but because Jesse isn’t named among the cast, we may infer the pair connected afterward, and Francesca has hinted as much in a few of her TikTok comments. As a result, if Francesca does wind up dating someone on the program, we will already be aware that they broke up and that she has moved on with her current boyfriend.

Jesse expressed his gratitude for having Francesca in a post with the Too Hot To Handle actress in October. When the trans guy underwent top surgery last year, his girlfriend helped him through the procedure, which he shared with his followers.

Since blowing up on Too Hot To Handle, Francesca has been involved with a number of men, but her relationship with Jesse seems to be real. Francesca has helped Jesse through a major surgery, and Jesse has a child that he obviously loves. The couple has made it clear that they are considering a future together and appear to be deeply in love and dedicated to one another. Many Too Hot To Handle viewers are pleased to witness Francesca’s growth since she first created trouble on Too Hot to Handle. Since her days on Netflix, the brunette beauty has changed, and is possibly prepared to find a partner.

In any case, Jesse appears to have complete faith in their connection and is supportive of Francesca’s participation in the dating program. In a recent cheeky Instagram post, he referred to Francesca as his “perfect match.” In a nutshell, we have to admit that the two make really a good couple. We’ll have to wait and watch what transpires on the program and how Jesse ends up finding herself.

Additionally, it’s important to note that Francesca Farago was previously in a relationship with her Too Hot to Handle partner, Harry Jowsey. However, reports suggest that they broke up in mid-2022 after a few years of an on-and-off relationship.

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