Meet Savannah Palacio From Perfect Match on Instagram: Nationality, Age & Height of the Former ‘The Circle’ Cast!

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Meet Savannah Palacio From Perfect Match on Instagram: Nationality, Age & Height of the Former ‘The Circle’ Cast!

Savannah Palacio from Netflix’s Perfect Match can be found on Instagram under the username (@savpalacio). She was previously part of The Circle Season 2. American by nationality, the 26-year-old star is half-Mexican and half-Filipino. Additionally, she stands at the height of 5′ 4”.

Nobody understands love and drama better than the cast of Perfect Match. It is a reality television dating program that pairs participants from eight different Netflix reality TV shows, including Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. The reality show premiered its first season on Netflix on February 14, 2023.

The program is hosted by Nick Lachey, who previously hosted Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum, and it follows 10 former Netflix reality TV contestants as they move into a villa in a tropical locale and date one another in search of their ideal match. The participants who don’t have a match are eliminated each week when new contestants enter the villa in an effort to split up couples and find their own matches. The final winner and recipient of a monetary reward is the pair selected by the eliminated competitors as the perfect match.

One of the most interesting cast is Savannah Palacio. Of course, many viewers want to know more about her, including her Instagram handle, nationality, age, and height. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Find Savannah Palacio From Perfect Match on Instagram: Born & Raised in the United States, the 26-Year-Old Star Is Half-Mexican & Half-Filipino!

You can find Savannah Palacio on Instagram under the username (@savpalacio). Before appearing on Netflix’s Perfect Match, she already had a reputation as she was one of the highlights of The Circle Season 2.

Savannah was born on March 17, 1996. There have been many challenges in her life as a half-Mexican, half-Filipino person who was born and raised in California, United States, but she has overcome them with elegance and tenacity. The absence of what most people would consider normal must have affected the family growing up with three siblings in a primarily one-parent home due to their father’s imprisonment. But they managed to get through it by sticking together.

Savannah, who stands at the height of 5′ 4”, eventually found peace by taking part in beauty pageants and recalling the morals her parents had instilled in her. Speaking out for what she believes in and following her father’s mantra, “Laziness creates more work,” are the two key things she does. Her desire and these moral principles helped her to balance managing her social media network while obtaining a journalism degree from CSU Northridge.

Talking about her time on Perfect Match, she had a bond with Nick Uhlenhuth (@nickuhlenhuth) from The Circle Season 3. This meant that their interaction prior to appearing on the Netflix dating program was minimal. Despite this barrier, the two became close and their relationship was solid, even if there did not seem to be any spark of romance. In actuality, Nick wanted to pursue a relationship with Francesca Farago while Savannah wanted to speak with Dom Gabriel.

Savannah and Nick made the decision to team up knowing that they needed to get every edge for the forthcoming compatibility challenge. They spoke all night long, devising plans that would enable them to surpass everyone else and become the finest. They won the first compatibility challenge and were given the opportunity to enter the boardroom, proving that their effort paid off. Savannah wanted to make sure the current arrivals may be good fits for her as well, especially since she had the option of bringing two new guys into the house.

However, Savannah and Nick were once again coupled up when it came time for the second match-up night since they were unsuccessful in locating other potential love pairings. Nick, however, could not help but lament Savannah’s unwillingness to give them a chance to be more than a tactical alliance. He wanted to make his on-screen companion seem good during the kissing challenge. Although the “The Circle” star enjoyed her kiss with Nick, she was still hesitant to pursue a serious relationship.

When Anne-Sophie Petit and Chase DeMoor chose to arrange for Nick to go on a date with Izzy Fairthorne, a lot of things changed. Savannah made the decision to concentrate on Dom since she anticipated that the addition of two new girls would enhance her chances of being evicted; nevertheless, her intentions were thwarted, which resulted in a conflict with Francesca.

Ines Tazi (@taziines), in the meantime, struck up a conversation with Nick and expressed interest in pairing up with him. Savannah was ultimately eliminated because Nick ultimately chose to pair up with Ines and was keen to pursue his relationship with Izzy.

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