Joey Sasso From Perfect Match: Birthday & Net Worth of the Winner of ‘The Circle’ Season 1!

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Joey Sasso From Perfect Match: Birthday & Net Worth of the Winner of ‘The Circle’ Season 1!

Joey Sasso, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Perfect Match, is the winner of The Circle Season 1. Born in 1993, the 29-year-old celebrates his birthday on December 31. Similarly, many people have been wanting to know what his net worth is, however, it has not been revealed yet.

Perfect Match on Netflix brings together some of the streaming platform’s fan-favorite reality stars, joining single cast members from unscripted shows Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum, Sexy Beasts, Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, Selling Tampa, and The Mole in Panama in a The Bachelor-style quest to find love. Some of the most well-known reality TV competitors will have a second chance at love on the new program.

From Francesca Farago of Too Hot to Handle fame to the controversial Bartise Bowden from Love Is Blind, reality fans will already be familiar with some of these individuals as they go to a tropical island and seek to find the one. Given some of these stars’ track histories, you know things are going to get nasty. The couples that show to be the most compatible will have the ability to split up other couples and send them on dates with new singles.

It’s hardly surprising that Joey Sasso is one of the contestants on Perfect Match who gets people talking. Despite the fact that The Circle represented Joey’s entry into reality television, he has significant expertise in the entertainment sector. Well, let’s get to know more about him in detail.

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Joey Sasso From Perfect Match: Birthday & Net Worth of the Winner of ‘The Circle’ Season 1!

Joey Sasso (@joeysasso) from Netflix’s Perfect Match is an actor and reality personality who was born in 1993 in Rochester, New York. Similarly, the 29-year-old celebrates his birthday on December 13 every year. As mentioned earlier, he was one of the cast members of Season 1 of The Circle.

Young Sasso began filming on his family’s home video recorder from behind the camera before realizing he wanted to be in front of it. Then, while concurrently participating in athletics and becoming a nationally-ranked boxer, he started studying at the town’s local theater company.

He came to Los Angeles when he was 18 and worked in commercials before making appearances in movies like They Want D*ck D*ckster (2018) and Sinister 2 (2015). He also had a four-episode stretch in ABC‘s General Hospital in 2016. However, one might argue that his acting career truly began in 2020, when he made an appearance in The Circle. He ended up winning the show and took all the cash prize home, however, his net worth has yet to be revealed.

Talking about his time in Perfect Match, Joey Sasso was taken aback when he discovered who the female cast members in the first episode of the show were. He disclosed that he has had relationships with both Kariselle Snow (@kariselle) and Francesca Farago. The season 1 winner of “The Circle” gravitated towards Kariselle while his relationship with the former appeared to have faded away. He explained that their past was long and complicated.

After Joey’s participation in The Circle was made public, the two reality stars had their first encounter. He apparently received a message from Kariselle on Instagram, and without missing a beat, Joey complimented her attractiveness and scheduled a meeting for the two of them. The ‘Sexy Beasts‘ star soon made her way to Los Angeles, California, where she had an incredible night with Joey. She mentioned how Joey had declared his love for her and promised to marry her one day when she was on the show. But after that, the two decided against speaking for a while.

Despite Joey’s apparent first hesitation to commit, Kariselle made the decision to give him another try. However, it appears that their second relationship effort also failed. Despite not being very thrilled about Jeoy’s inclusion in the Netflix series, Kariselle ended up spending a lot of time with him since he insisted that their inclusion in the program was unquestionably a sign of fate. Kariselle and Joey ultimately chose to pair up on the first night.

During the first compatibility task, Kariselle and Joey’s good moods quickly disappeared. The latter admitted during the challenge that he was reportedly still not over his ex, with whom he had broken up roughly four years prior. Kariselle became outraged by this because she did not understand why Joey would offer her a relationship if he had not let go of the past. It goes without saying that she was delighted to see how things would turn out when she was arranged on a date with Chase DeMoor.

Kariselle and Chase’s date did go well, and they entered the house holding hands. Joey did not interfere much with the two even though he saw them kissing, even though he was angered by the situation. Joey and Kariselle got into a fight about this since the latter couldn’t help but question why her partner said it was alright to witness her with someone.

Kariselle and Joey ended up spending the night together despite their argument. Although their relationship remained somewhat rocky, Kariselle and Joey soon made progress. They had both given each other a perfect 10 rating during the kissing task, which undoubtedly strengthened their bond. It will be interesting to see how the show will end for both of them.

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