Are Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago From Perfect Match Still Together? Or Is Francesca Dating Damian Powers?

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Are Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago From Perfect Match Still Together? Or Is Francesca Dating Damian Powers?

Many people wonder if Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago from Netflix’s Perfect Match are still together. Well, the couple is no longer together. Additionally, Francesca is not dating Damian Powers as well as she is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan. 

Reality dating shows have a plethora of plot twists and turns. Almost every reality dating show, especially those that air on Netflix, begins with hints of a relationship that by the end of the season feels like ancient history, much like how every episode of The Simpsons starts with a scene that is entirely different from what the episode will ultimately turn out to be.

Perfect Match, Netflix’s reality dating show version of an Avengers: Endgame-style crossover, features contestants from previous reality shows such as Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and others. And it appeared early on in the show that sparks were flying between two former all-star contestants: Francesca Farago (from Too Hot to Handle and a brief cameo in Love is Blind: After the Altar) and Dom Gabriel (from The Mole). Francesca and Dom were one of the first matches made, and Dom even referred to her as his ride or die.

Their well-deserved fame and undeniable chemistry earned the couple a slew of fans who wish to see them together forever. However, things appeared to take a severe turn when Damian Powers—the Love is Blind contestant who brought Francesca to the After the Altar reunion show—appeared on the board. Francesca’s decision to see Damian rather than stay with Dom surprised the entire Perfect Match crew even more. As a result, many fans want to know if their favorite couple from the show is still together. Well, we’re here to help!

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Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago From Perfect Match: The Fan-Favorite Couple Is No Longer Together as Francesca Is Dating Her New Boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan!

Sadly, Dom Gabriel (@dontcalldom) and Francesca Farago (@francescafarago) are no longer together, and Damian Powers is not to blame, so those who ship the couple must be disappointed. The Too Hot To Handle alum seems to be dating a brand-new guy named TikToker Jesse Sullivan as her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Perfect Match was filmed in March 2022, and Francesca began dating Jesse sometime after the show was completed in 2022. Later, Francesca revealed to Elite Daily that the couple met on Zoom at a TikTok Pride event. She admitted that the couple fell in love quickly. Although the actress did not find her match on Netflix, it appears that she has now.

Talking about Dom and Francesca’s relationship, Dom was eager to connect with Francesca from the moment he laid eyes on her, though The Mole star wasn’t sure if his feelings would be reciprocated. However, the pair ended up having a very engaging conversation on their first night in the house, which led to their pairing.

The reality TV stars spent a significant amount of time in their room talking with each other, but they made no moves to initiate physical intimacy. Francesca admitted that this was unusual for her because she was used to guys making advances on her soon after meeting her. The Too Hot to Handle star, on the other hand, couldn’t help but wonder if this was a good thing for her.

From their first compatibility challenge together, it was clear that the two were a fantastic couple. They remained one of the top contenders for the Perfect Match, though Francesca was bothered by the lack of a physical relationship. It didn’t help that their first kiss happened as a result of a challenge. Francesca and Dom had given each other lower ratings than others. In fact, they were declared the least compatible couple among all existing couples. This prompted a candid conversation between the two, which ended with another kiss that seemed to wash away any doubts Francesca had.

The couple appeared to be in trouble, beginning with Savannah Palacio wooing Dom, which led to a fight between herself and Francesca. Following Savannah’s departure, the couple won the third challenge and were given the opportunity to invite two new male members to the house.

On the other hand, Francesca saw Damian Powers (@damian__powers) as one of the potential candidates and told Dom she wanted to go on a date with him.  Apparently, the two were good friends, and despite the fact that they had never kissed, she decided to seize the opportunity for the sake of her mental health. Despite his heartbreak, Dom hoped that the date would allow Francesca to see him in a more positive light.

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