Does Kitty Like Yuri? Is Kitty in Love With Yuri, Explained!

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Does Kitty Like Yuri? Is Kitty in Love With Yuri, Explained!

Yes, Kitty develops feelings for Yuri, but they are left unexpressed due to constant interruptions. It’s unclear if Kitty is truly in love with Yuri, albeit she does like her, but there’s potential for their relationship to evolve in a possible second season.

Hey, guess what? We’ve got some juicy deets about Kitty and Yuri from XO, Kitty! We’re about to dig into Netflix‘s love drama and spill all the tea. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

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XO, Kitty: Does Kitty Like Yuri?

Picture this: Kitty Song Convey, a badass 16-year-old, jets off to Korea to meet her long-distance boo, Dae. But hold up! Things take a crazy turn when she finds out that Dae is actually fake-dating Yuri, the social media superstar. Drama alert, y’all!

Now, Kitty ain’t no fool. She starts sniffing out the truth and suspects that something fishy’s going on between Dae and Yuri. She tries to get Dae to confess, but he keeps his trap shut. Talk about frustrating!

But wait, there’s more! At Min Ho’s epic party, things take an unexpected twist. Yuri swoops in to save the day when Kitty gets a little too tipsy. Suddenly, Kitty’s view of Yuri changes. She starts feeling all these crazy romantic vibes but tries to push ’em aside and focus on getting back with Dae. The only problem is, her feelings for Yuri keep getting stronger. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions, people!

Is Kitty in Love With Yuri? Do They End Up Together?

Now, here’s the scoop you’ve been dying to know. Do Kitty and Yuri end up together? Well, brace yourselves for a major letdown. Kitty never gets the chance to spill her heart out to Yuri. Life keeps throwing obstacles their way, and every dang time they try to have a heart-to-heart, they get interrupted! First, it’s some nosy peeps barging into the dance room. Then, Principal Lim ruins the moment. And to top it all off, at the Seoul airport, Juliana appears out of thin air. Seriously, talk about bad timing!

But hey, don’t give up hope just yet. There’s always a chance for these two lovebirds in a potential second season of XO, Kitty. Maybe fate will finally cut them some slack and let them have that long-awaited convo. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Netflix gives us more of this addictive drama.

XO, Kitty is currently streaming on Netflix.

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