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Is Yuri From XO Kitty Gay? Who Does Yuri End Up With, Explained!

May 21, 2023 @ 7:59 EDT
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Is Yuri From XO Kitty Gay? Who Does Yuri End Up With, Explained!

Yuri from XO, Kitty is proudly gay. She ends up with Juliana, but Kitty also has feelings for her, creating a love triangle.

Hey, have you heard about the Netflix show XO, Kitty? It's a total rom-com series that revolves around Kitty Song Covey and her crazy love life. Kitty moves from Portland to Seoul to attend the Korean Independent School of Seoul, also known as KISS. Being in a new place without her family and friends is a major change for her. She soon discovers new details about her ancestry. Needless to say, it's a really emotional story.

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Is Yuri From XO Kitty Gay?

Yuri is an amazing character in XO, Kitty and she's gay. But here's the twist: her family and society aren't accepting of it. Despite coming from a wealthy & modern family, they can't handle homosexuality. So, Yuri keeps her relationship with Juliana a secret from everyone.

One day, things go downhill. A maid catches Yuri and Juliana kissing, and the news spreads like wildfire. To protect their family's reputation, Yuri's mom, Jina, kicks Juliana out of KISS. It's a total mess! But Yuri can't take it anymore. She's had enough of pretending and hiding. She comes out to her mom, proudly. Her love for Juliana is special. No one, not even her mom, can change who she is.

Who Does Yuri End Up With? Is It Juliana or Kitty?

Yuri has had feelings for Juliana for a long time. But things get complicated when Kitty enters the picture. Kitty has no idea about Yuri's feelings. Yuri, meanwhile, pretends to be in a relationship with Dae. Dae, on the other, is head over heels for Kitty. It's a messy situation, to say the least.

But, then comes a twist. Kitty starts seeing Yuri in a different light. She develops feelings for her too. It's a love triangle, and things get intense. Yuri uncovers a secret about her mom. She understandably gets angry at her for not being honest. However, she also realizes that her mom has finally gotten proud of who she is and totally accepting of her choices.

In the end, Yuri's mom reverses Juliana's expulsion and brings her back to KISS. But there's heartbreak for Kitty. She gets kicked out too, and it's devastating. At the airport, she sees Yuri and tries to confess her feelings, but Juliana appears. It's a bittersweet moment.

So, for now, Yuri is with Juliana. The key phrase being, 'for now'. You can bet there will be further drama and love triangles in the potential Season 2. We can't wait to witness where the story heads in XO, Kitty.

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