XO Kitty: Portland Stalker Meaning Explained!

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XO Kitty: Portland Stalker Meaning Explained! blurred-reality.com

Kitty is called the “Portland Stalker” on Netflix’s XO, Kitty, but her journey reveals the true meaning behind her actions and challenges the stereotype.

Alrighty, folks! Get ready to dive into Netflix‘s awesome rom-com series, XO, Kitty. It’s all about this cool girl named Kitty Song Covey, who decides to jet off to Korea and study at the same school her momma rocked back in the day. Kitty’s pumped to uncover her mom’s wild adventures and discover her own path to love and all that jazz. She’s got this unwavering confidence and a heart bursting with romance, believing that her one true love awaits her at school. But lemme tell ya, reality hits her like a ton of brick. She soon realizes that real life ain’t no walk in the park.

Now, let’s turn the spotlight on Kitty’s friends. They don’t exactly give her a warm welcome in class. In fact, they start calling her the “Portland Stalker.” Ouch! Poor Kitty tries her best to shake off that nickname. But why would anybody call her that? Well, let’s dig deeper into the meaning.

What is the Meaning of Portland Stalker on XO Kitty?

Before making her move to the Korean Independent School of Seoul, aka KISS, Kitty lived it up with her family in Portland, Oregon. She had this one epic trip to Korea when her sister, Lara Jean, was in her final year of school. And guess what? That’s when she crossed paths with Dae, this total heartthrob. Sparks flew, they swapped digits, and before you know it, their texts and chats turned into something deeper. They fell hard for each other and managed a long-distance relationship for a whopping four years. Talk about commitment, right?

Fans wonder about the meaning of Portland Stalker on XO, Kitty. blurred-reality.comFans wonder about the meaning of Portland Stalker on XO, Kitty.
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During that time, Kitty spilled all the beans about Dae to her fam. Her pops, stepmom, sisters, and friends knew all about him. And guess what else? Dae talked about Kitty to his buddies Q and Min Ho too. They were all up in each other’s business, sharing every little detail of their lives. But here’s the kicker—nobody at KISS had a clue that Dae and Kitty were an item. Some folks, like Min Ho, didn’t even think it was a serious gig. They brushed Kitty off as nothing more than Dae’s pen pal.

Now, when Kitty arrives at KISS, she chooses to remain private about her relationship. She later finds out that Dae’s now dating this girl Yuri. To make matters worse, their relationship stuff is all over town ’cause Yuri’s the daughter of some big-shot businessman. Everyone buys into the whole lovey-dovey charade, thinking Dae and Yuri are the real deal. So what does that mean for Kitty? It makes her look like a stalker who’s crossed continents to be with a guy who’s already taken. Bummer, right?

Here’s where it gets messy. Nobody at KISS knows Kitty personally, but they all know Dae and Yuri. So, they don’t even bother hearing Kitty out or considering her side of the story. To them, she’s just this obsessed girl who met Dae once and went bonkers, ditching her life in America to chase him halfway across the globe. Little do they know that Dae and Yuri’s relationship is as fake as a reality TV show. What a plot twist!

But hold your horses, folks, ’cause Kitty doesn’t do herself any favors either. She goes and crashes into a pile of cupcakes at the welcome party. Everybody reckons she’s totally out of her mind.

And as if that’s not enough, she tries getting close to Dae. She remains adamant to clear the air and fix things. But nobody’s buying it. They see it as Kitty scheming to break up Dae and Yuri, like some sort of love rivalry straight out of a cheesy soap opera. With all this drama going on, they can’t help but slap her with the infamous nickname—the Portland Stalker. And poor Kitty, she tries with all her might to shake it off, but that darn nickname just sticks like gum on a hot summer pavement.

XO, Kitty is currently streaming on Netflix.