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Who Plays Lulu in XO, Kitty? Know About the Actor (Actress) From the Popular Girl Group, Cherry Bullet!

May 23, 2023 @ 3:59 EDT
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Who Plays Lulu in XO, Kitty? Know About the Actor (Actress) From the Popular Girl Group, Cherry Bullet!

Lulu, one of the cameos in Netflix's XO, Kitty, is played by Chaerin from Cherry Bullet, a girl group from South Korea. While the Lulu actress is known for her vocal and dance moves, viewers claim she is a good actor as well.

Netflix offers exactly what you need if you've been looking for more teen-oriented content to watch. The streamer released XO, Kitty on May 18, and a lot of people are watching and talking about it.

It is a spin-off to To All the Boys, one of Netflix's most popular film trilogies. Starring in it is Anna Cathcart as the frank and laid-back Kitty Song Covey. Kitty, who is 16 years old, looks to be reunited with her boyfriend Dae (Choi Min-young). She decides to relocate halfway across the world to Seoul, South Korea, to attend the same school as him, leaving her home in Portland, Oregon. Also, her late mother attended the same school when she was her age.

Apart from the main cast members, we can see many popular cameos in the series. One character that has caught the attention of many viewers is Lulu. While many people believe they're familiar with the face, they're not sure when they've seen the Lulu actress. So, who plays the role of Lulu? Well, here's your answer.

Previously, we touched on if Anna Cathcart is Asian and if Kitty likes Yuri.

Lulu From XO, Kitty Is Played by Chaerin From Cherry Bullet: Know More About the Actor (Actress)!

Even though there are several other cameos in XO, Kitty, Lulu has gathered a lot of attention among the viewers. Most of them are still unable to recognize who the actor (actress) is. Well, the role of Lulu is played by none other than Chaerin of Cherry Bullet.

The role of Lulu is played by Chaerin. blurred-reality.comThe role of Lulu is played by Chaerin.
Image Source: Instagram

For those who are unaware, Cherry Bullet is a South Korean girl group renowned for its contagious pop sound and captivating performances. On January 21, 2019, the group made their eagerly awaited debut under FNC Entertainment, one of the major South Korean entertainment firms. The group of ten outstanding musicians rose to fame for their upbeat attitude, coordinated dancing, and catchy tunes.

The name of the group, Cherry Bullet, symbolizes the members' ambition to infuse the K-pop landscape with a blast of sweet and explosive energy. Each member demonstrates their distinctive personality and skills, enhancing the lively dynamics of the group. In addition to Chaerin (@chaerin_0313), the other members include Haeyoon, Yuju, Bora, Jiwon, Remi, May, Kokoro, Linlin, and Mirae. They captivate audiences with their dazzling visuals and potent vocals.

The Lulu actress is one of the members of Cherry Bullet. blurred-reality.comThe Lulu actress is one of the members of Cherry Bullet.
Image Source: Instagram

While Lulu has a screen time of less than a minute in XO, Kitty, many viewers, especially the Cherry Bullet followers, have admired Chaerin's acting skills. In addition to her astounding vocal and dance moves, people believe she can make people go crazy with her acting skill as well.

XO, Kitty: Is It Worth Watching the Show?

If you enjoyed the To All the Boys films, you should definitely watch XO, Kitty. Even though it's a television series rather than a film, it is clear from the trailer alone that the show has a similar romantic sensibility and tone that is simple to get into. Therefore, in order to watch the series, you shouldn't even have to be a fan of the movies or have even seen them.

The Netflix romantic comedy series Never Have I Ever, Emily in Paris, Heartstopper, and Dash & Lily, as well as the films The Kissing Booth trilogy, Look Both Ways, The Perfect Date, and The Half of It, are examples of works that are comparable to XO, Kitty. You'll love seeing Kitty Song Covey's most recent escapades if you appreciate any of these stories.

XO, Kitty is now streaming on Netflix.

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