Who Is Kitty’s Half-Sibling in XO, Kitty? Is Alex the Half-Brother She Has Been Looking For?

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Who Is Kitty’s Half-Sibling in XO, Kitty? Is Alex the Half-Brother She Has Been Looking For? blurred-reality.com

Kitty finds out that Alex isn’t her half-sibling but Yuri’s biological brother at the end of XO, Kitty. However, she believes she may have two elder sisters instead.

XO, Kitty on Netflix follows Kitty Song Covey, a 16-year-old teen love guru, as she travels halfway around the world to Seoul, South Korea, to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae, and learn more about her late mother. She studies at KISS (Korean Independent School of Seoul) while in Seoul. Her mother attended this international school when she was her age, and Dae is currently a student there.

Eve, Kitty’s mother, had a child while she was living in Seoul, as Kitty learns while looking through her mother’s old belongings at the hospital. She consequently learns that she has a half-sibling (brother) as a result. She finds out that the boy was given up for adoption after doing more research. Well, let’s know who her half-sibling is.

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XO, Kitty: At the End of the Season, Kitty Learns That She Does Not Have a Half-Sibling (Brother)!

Kitty realizes she might have a half-brother while on her quest to find out more about her mother in XO, Kitty. This prompts her to start on an attempt to identify her half-sibling. She finds out that the boy was given up for adoption after doing more research. The fact that the parents are Australian turns out not to be the dead end she first thought.

Kitty comes across a bracelet while going through her mother’s belongings from her time in Korea; it shows that she was a patient in a Seoul hospital where she gave birth to a child. She finds this intriguing because she knows nothing about her mother’s time in Seoul and because, as far as she is aware, her mother never had a romantic relationship before meeting her father.

Kitty learns that the child was given up for adoption and was adopted by an Australian couple by breaking into the hospital’s records. As a result, the search is now limited to a different continent, leaving her to worry about how she can ever locate her half-sibling.

Alex Finnerty, her teacher, soon comes into focus for her. He relocated from Australia to KISS to teach and is of Korean background. He also admits that he was adopted because both of his parents are white.

Kitty believes Alex is her half-sibling. blurred-reality.comKitty believes Alex is her half-sibling.
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Kitty is certain that Alex is the half-brother she has been looking for because he fits all the criteria, including his birthdate and where he went after being adopted. However, she learns she might have thought the scenario incorrectly after doing further research into her mother’s past. She then accepts that she does not have a half-brother and Alex is actually Yuri‘s brother.

It comes out that Professor Lee and Jina Lim, the school’s principal, are Alex’s biological parents. Jina put Eve’s name on the hospital paperwork, which let everyone be involved in a can of worms. At the conclusion of the season, it is revealed that Kitty does not, in fact, have a half-sibling but may have two elder sisters named Margot and Lara.

Here’s Why Alex Was Given Up for Adoption!

The spectator might be left wondering why Jina and Professor Lee chose to place Alex for adoption as opposed to raising him themselves, thereby posing a mystery. Well, Jina and Lee were dating, but Lee found out she was pregnant while working and studying in America.

Alex is actually Yuri's biological brother. blurred-reality.comAlex is actually Yuri’s biological brother.
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She made the decision to keep the pregnancy a secret because she believed that it would force Lee to return from his job at a conservatory, thus encouraging him to focus less and less on his intended future. The baby had already been placed for adoption when Alex returned from the US, and he was unaware of it.

XO, Kitty is now streaming on Netflix.

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