Destiny Benedict From The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Story, Videos, Pictures, Nickname, Net Worth & More!

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Destiny Benedict From The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Story, Videos, Pictures, Nickname, Net Worth & More!

Destiny Benedict grabbed the viewers’ attention as she opened up her story in the Netflix show The Most Hated Man on the Internet regarding the exposure of her videos and pictures by Hunter Moore and James McGibney on the website On Twitter, Destiny Benedict has 1327 followers. Go through the article to learn more about her nickname and her net worth!

The Most Hated Man on the Internet, a three-part documentary on Netflix, centers on Hunter Moore. The Netflix original series centers on a mother who wants to exact revenge on the infamous King of Revenge P*rn and founder of

It stresses how, in contrast to the empathetic Rolling Stone article the program is titled after, Moore is an online s*xist while allowing his victims to speak. The Most Hated Man on the Internet’s primary objective is to raise awareness of revenge p*rn, its victims, the impact of social media, and the negative impacts of trolling, as forcefully stated by project director Robert Miller to Newsweek.

Not only that, but the website also included information about the user who uploaded the photographs. Cam model Destiny Benedict, who was accidentally drawn to the website, described her experience with the program. And now viewers want to learn more about her, so here’s what we know.

Previously, we touched on Hunter’s parents, Charlie Evans, Anonymous, and Charlotte Laws’ daughter.

Destiny Benedict From The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Story, Videos, Pictures, Nickname, Net Worth, Twitter Explored!

Hunter Moore and his infamous website are the subjects of the three-part Netflix docuseries The Most Hated Man on the Internet. He maintained a website where users could upload private images of other people without their consent between 2010 and 2012.

After ultimately having his website taken down in April 2012, Moore sold the domain name to developer James McGibney. In January 2014, Moore was taken into custody by the FBI on accusations of conspiring, gaining unauthorized access to a secured computer, and aggravated identity theft.

Kirra Hughes, who was once his girlfriend, participated in the new episode and discussed her regrets about dating Hunter. Destiny Benedict was one of the victims of his site.

Destiny Benedict stated in the program that she first met Hunter Moore when she was 19 years old. She thought he was interesting at the time and sought to attract his attention. She believed he could influence people to do what he desired. She wanted to leave her mother’s home when she was 19 to become more independent and live alone. As a result, Destiny said one of her friends had advised her to try webcam modeling.

The 29-year-old first caught the public’s eye in 2012, while she was still a teen. By appearing in a lot of offensive images on the Isanyoneup website, Benedict unintentionally tarnished his reputation. One of the more well-known Twitter users is Destiny Benedict, who uses the handle (@destinyisabrat). On Twitter, Destiny claims to be a native of California and has 1327 followers.

With time, Destiny started earning enough money to support her family. Later, after hearing about Hunter’s website from a different acquaintance, she decided that being highlighted there might help promote her cam modeling gig. So shortly after, Destiny Benedict gave her n*ked pictures. She went on a webcam chat with other buddies later, and they dared her to put something in her a*us, according to the episode. One of them shared a screenshot on Hunter’s website after taking it.

Later, Destiny discovered that her Facebook information and photographs of her children had also been shared. Destiny in the episode questioned why, given what Hunter’s website did, she didn’t take down those photographs. She claimed that at the time, she hadn’t given it much thought.

Destiny Benedict believed that posting additional images would be the only way to persuade Hunter to remove the photos of her children. She decided to comply with Hunter’s request to draw attention to herself.

Destiny did remark that her children’s father no longer felt secure, though, given her connection to Hunter’s website. They believed the children would be happier without her in their lives. According to the show, this led to Destiny experiencing melancholy and binge drinking a lot.

When she was on a Skype session with Hunter, he requested that she act similarly to how she did at first. Hunter recorded it without her permission, and she complied despite feeling uncomfortable. Benedict regrettably acquired the nickname after appearing in a number of offensive pictures.

Despite the fact that the video received over a million views after being posted online, the model claimed on the show that she was never paid for it. Talking about her net worth, her precise net worth has not yet been established.

In the end, Hunter accepted a plea bargain and received a federal prison sentence; Destiny Benedict, on the other hand, appeared to have moved on with her life. As of now, she resides in California, where she is pursuing her dream. She is originally from Sacramento. Her social media sources suggest that Destiny and her children have reconnected.

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