Cat Burns from Blown Away Christmas: Meet Her on Instagram!

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Cat Burns from Blown Away Christmas: Meet Her on Instagram!

Cat Burns is a cast member on Blown Away Christmas on Netflix. Find her on Instagram. Fans wonder about Cat’s disease, notably her eye condition.

Blown Away: Christmas is a Netflix reality competition in which exceptional glass blowers compete in Christmas-themed events for a $10,000 cash reward.

Filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, this four-part holiday special is modeled on the Netflix show Blown Away, which is presently in the second season.

If you haven’t seen either, this could be a fine place to begin. It’ll also get you in the Christmas spirit if you’ve been seeking it as we did.

This series features the return of five prior participants, who will get a second opportunity to win the prize and the Christmas title.

Who is Cat Burns from Blown Away Christmas?

Cat Burns is a 30-year-old New Jersey-based creative blower and studio aide. Cat graduated from Salem Community College in Carneys Point, New Jersey, with certificates in glass fine art and glass craft and design.

Cat polished her abilities as an assistant to glass artisans in Philadelphia after college graduation.

Burns was inspired by her adventures to serve as a studio assistant and instructor at East Falls Glass Works in Philly, Pa, and The Studio in Corning, NY.

Cat Burns is one of the contestants on Netflix’s Blown Away: Christmas. The rest of the cast includes Bobby Berk, Katherine Gray, Nao Yamamoto, Alexander Rosenberg, Edgar Valentine, and Andi Kovel.

Meet Cat Burns on Instagram

Cat Burns is quite active on social media, and she is available on almost all of the mainstream platforms, which include Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube!

Cat Burns currently has over 96k Instagram followers. You may follow her on Instagram at @catburnsglass.

If you’re a TikTok user looking for Cat’s clips, you may find her under the same handle: @catburnsglass.

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