Ava Marie Capra on ‘The Circle’ Season 3 on Netflix: Meet Ava from ‘The Circle’ on Instagram

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Ava Marie Capra on The Circle Season 3 on Netflix: Meet Ava from The Circle on Instagram

Ava Marie Capra is one of the contestants on ‘The Circle’ Season 3 on Netflix. Find Ava from ‘The Circle’ on Instagram. She has previously featured on ANTM.

Ava Marie Capra and her sister Chanel are a sibling pair that feature on the most recent season of The Circle on Netflix.

They are among the cast of nine ‘influencers’ vying for a $100,000 cash award. To succeed, they will have to charm, befriend, and even influence the other participants. Could the sisters from New York be the next champions of The Circle?

Let’s get to know this gorgeous The Circle season 3 cast by examining her Instagram and learning about their impressive careers and as well as their net worth.

Who is Ava Marie Capra on The Circle Season 3?


Ava Marie Capra is a 26-year-old New York vocalist, actor, model, and socialite from the Bronx. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, and has appeared in films such as Love In A Lifetime (2019), Bad Wolves: Zombie (2018), and The Romance (2019).

Ava finished 12th on the 22nd season of America’s Next Top Model. When it comes to her height, as per some sources, she is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Ava’s got her official YouTube channel, where she has 1.04k subscribers and posts anything from lessons to vlogs to exercises!

Ava suffered a devastating loss when her first love died of brain cancer in April 2019. In a memorial Instagram update to him, she said he was a wonderful spirit who helped shape her into the powerful woman she is today.

Her net worth is believed to be in the region of $100,000.

Meanwhile, The Circle Season 3 Netflix cast in 2021 includes Nick Uhlenhuth, Calvin Kiing Crooks, Chanel & Ava Marie Capra, Kai Ghost, Daniel Cusimano, Matthew Pappadia, Ruksana Carroll, and Michelle Rider. In addition, Michelle Buteau is returning as a host.

Find Ava Marie Capra on Instagram

Both sisters are avid users of social media. So, they are pretty likely to already possess the necessary skills required to transform into ‘influencers’ on The Circle.

Ava from The Circle currently boasts 228k Instagram followers, and her account is filled with provocative selfies.

Her Instagram profile suggests she is a Virgo, pious, and Italian! Ava proudly informs her followers that she is a singer, actor, model, and influencer, while Chanel describes herself as a creative, entertainer, and artist.

Ava Marie Capra Participated on ANTM

In 2015, Ava Capra competed on ANTM Cycle 22. She was the fourth model to be eliminated on America’s Next Top Model and finished in the twelfth position overall.

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