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Is Anna Cathcart Asian? Know About Her Family!

May 23, 2023 @ 5:19 EDT
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Is Anna Cathcart Asian? Know About Her Family!

Yes, Anna Cathcart is half-Asian as her mother is of Chinese descent. On the other hand, her father is of Irish descent. Thus, the Kitty actress identifies herself as half-Irish and half-Chinese. Follow to know more about her family.

XO, Kitty, a Netflix rom-com series, follows Kitty Song Covey as she moves to Korea to enroll in the same high school her mother attended as a youngster. Kitty is embarking on a brand-new adventure away from her home and friends. Her life experiences many highs and lows, and she learns some startling things that inspire her to share them with her sisters.

The show, which is a spinoff of the To All the Boys film series, centers on the bizarre yet fascinating series of circumstances that brought Kitty to Seoul. She is able to beautifully manipulate love, whether it be by snooping into her elder sister's affairs or utilizing her curious intelligence to discover her own fate.

On the other hand, many viewers have been interested to know more about Anna Cathcart, who plays the titular role in the series. Recently, we've discovered that many people have been interested to know if she is Asian. Well, here's everything you need to know about her.

Previously, we touched on the Lulu actress.

Even Though She Was Born in Canada, Anna Cathcart Is Half-Asian as Her Mother Is of Chinese Descent!

While Anna Cathcart (@annacathcart) is Canadian by nationality, she is half-Asian. While her father, Jaime Cathcart, is of Irish descent, her mother, Mamie Cathcart, is of Chinese descent. Thus, the XO, Kitty star identifies herself as half-Irish and half-Chinese.

Anna Cathcart was born to an Asian mother and an Irish father. blurred-reality.comAnna Cathcart was born to an Asian mother and an Irish father.
Image Source: Instagram

Although little is known about Anna's parents' occupations or how they met, it is obvious that they love and support her, as evidenced by their frequent public appearances with her, including the XO, Kitty premiere. Talking about her family, she also has an older sister named Sara Cathcart who started acting before her. In a Vulture interview, she previously told that she and her older sister are quite close. She told,

I feel like the biggest similarity between me and Kitty is probably how close she is with her sisters and family. I am really close with my older sister. Kitty with Lara Jean is kind of how I interact with my sisters, like having movie marathons at home and hanging out with them on the weekend.

Anna is not hesitant to express her feelings about her parents. She posted a sweet message to Jaime for Father's Day 2020 on Instagram with the caption, "Happy Father’s Day dad!! It would take me forever to list all the reasons I’m grateful for you. Thank you for leaving me notes in the morning, texting me GIFS that make my day, and being there when I need you. I love you and our daily football practices more than you know."

Her mother has also received praise on social media. In 2020, Anna took her Instagram to appreciate her mother writing, "throwback to may when we celebrated mama cathcart by creating a 'memory lane' filled with our favorite fam photos."

Does Anna Cathcart Have a Boyfriend?

No, Anna Cathcart does not have a boyfriend. The young actress is frequently working on other projects in addition to her booming career, which takes up all of her time. The 19-year-old, who has been in Teen Vogue, frequently goes to galas and other events.

Anna Cathcart does not appear to have a boyfriend. blurred-reality.comAnna Cathcart does not appear to have a boyfriend.
Image Source: Instagram

Additionally, Anna is a college student who is frequently occupied with her classes, profession, and friends. The young actress still chooses to travel with her friends and enjoys their company even though she isn't currently in a relationship.

So far as we know, Anna Cathcart is not dating anyone. Additionally, the lack of a significant other on her social media accounts also suggests that she is single. Even so, the star is headed in the right direction, and we'll keep wishing her the best as she makes significant progress both personally and professionally!

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