Who Killed Ray Vernon in Kaleidoscope? Reddit Users Seek Information About His Death!

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Who Killed Ray Vernon in Kaleidoscope? Reddit Users Seek Information About His Death!

Ray Vernon, the original name of Leo Pap in Netflix’s Kaleidoscope, gets killed in the final scene of the show, however, the identity of his killer has yet to be revealed. While Reddit users are dying to know about the killer, the show never shows or reveals who actually kills him. 

The first Netflix show we’ve become obsessed with in 2023 is Kaleidoscope. The heist show is the first Netflix program created to be viewed in any episode sequence, which flips the rules on binge-watching. Kaleidoscope color-codes its episodes and jumbles them up on each person’s own Netflix account rather than using Episodes 1, 2, 3, etc.

The show tells the story of Ray Vernon, a cunning bank robber who plots to steal billions of dollars. Six highly qualified experts in their respective specialties make up his team. Ray needs a lifetime of patience and preparation to develop a strategy that is about more than just making money. He wants to get revenge on the person who wrecked his life.

But as Ray follows the path of revenge, he ends up sacrificing not just his opponent but also his loved ones and himself. Things don’t end up the way they were meant to in the end as Ray dies. However, many people, especially Reddit users, are curious to know who actually killed him. Let’s find it out.

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Kaleidoscope: The Identity of the Killer Who Killed Ray Vernon Has Yet to Be Revealed!

While Kaleidoscope never shows who actually shot and killed Ray Vernon, different websites have made different assumptions about the possible killer. As he walks away in the final scene, someone approaches from behind him and places a gun on his head. As the screen goes dark, we hear a shot. Even though we never see Ray really get shot, it is easy to assume that this time is the last time we will see him.

In the series, Ray’s journey is full of unexpected turns that keep happening long after the crime. His wife passes away while he is working on another task, starting the story 25 years before the heist. He is then taken into custody and forced to give up his daughter. He spent seventeen years behind bars.

Not only does the law punish him, but he also punishes himself because he feels bad about what happened to his wife. However, he later learns that he has Parkinson’s disease. This indicates that, depending on his luck, he might die in a few months or a few years as he is running out of time.

He is inspired to act by the knowledge that he would soon be dead soon and breaks jail to visit his daughter, who he hasn’t seen in seventeen years. He wants to live out the rest of his days in peace and hopes to make peace with her. Ava provides him with a new identity and helps him pretend to be dead to help him. This gives him a fresh start as Leo Pap and gives everyone—including the FBI—the impression that Ray has disappeared.

He learns that his rival Graham Davies has also adopted a new identity just as he is ready to start his new life as Leo. He has everything Ray ever dreamed of and is now Roger Salas. In an effort to ruin him, Ray begins to plot a heist, which ultimately results in his taking the Triplets‘ assets.

His daughter, who was previously ignorant of Roger’s history, is his inner strength. She agrees to help her father but also forewarns him about the individuals he is attempting to rob. He may destroy Roger Salas, but the Triplets wouldn’t be so forgiving.

In the end, Hannah gets precisely what she had feared. She stole the bonds from them and gave nearly all of them back to the Triplets in an effort to save her father and the rest of the crew. Nevertheless, Ray’s crime leaves the Triplets exposed. Before this, nobody would have considered robbing them. Even if they received a full refund of their money, they still need to uphold their good name. Ray struck them, demonstrating to other thieves that robbing the Triplets isn’t all that tough. However, getting away with it is another different matter.

Ray and Ava have been able to hide their identities from authorities and the Triplets for months. But in the end, when Ava is gone and all of his money is gone, Ray is left with nothing. The condition has gotten worse over the past several months, therefore it is also obvious that he doesn’t have much time left. In the end, he returns to New York and makes peace with both his daughter and Roger Salas after accepting his fate. That is when the mysterious killer shoots and kills Ray.

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