What’s the Best Order to Watch Kaleidoscope? Reddit Users Discuss Different Creative Ways to Watch It!

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What's the Best Order to Watch Kaleidoscope? Reddit Users Discuss Different Creative Ways to Watch It!

With the unique concept of streaming Netflix’s Kaleidoscope in random order to each of the viewers, many people seek the best order to watch the show. Well, Creator Eric Garcia suggests watching the show in the following order: Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, Blue, Red, Pink, and White. Meanwhile, Reddit users suggest different creative ways to stream it.

Kaleidoscope has finally arrived on Netflix. Giancarlo Esposito and Rufus Sewell play Leo Pap and Roger Salas, respectively, in the drama, which centers on Leo’s long-planned bank robbery to take $7 billion in bonds from Roger’s “unbreakable” vault. However, how viewers decide to watch the show will totally determine how they learn about the characters and the heist.

Its presentation is what stands out the most. Every Netflix account will receive the first seven of the eight episodes in a different sequence, each of which is set at a different moment in the show’s narrative, spanning from 25 years before the robbery to six months after it.

To experience the robbery in a special way, viewers can watch the episodes in almost any order. As exciting as the concept may seem, some interested viewers have reported being confused by all the options. What’s the best order to watch Kaleidoscope? Here is everything you need to know.

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Here’s What Creator Eric Garcia Believes Is the Best Order to Watch Kaleidoscope: Reddit Users Suggest Different Creative Ways To Watch the Netflix Show!

There are more than 5,000 different ways to watch Kaleidoscope, but what order of the episodes is thought to be the best? There is no right or wrong sequence; it is truly up to the viewer. Netflix even makes it simple by providing the episodes to each viewer in a random order, eliminating the need for human episode selection (unless you want to). Creator Eric Garcia explained,

There’s over 5,000 ways if people go in and choose themselves. Some people are also going to get it randomly. Netflix is going to deliver certain orders to them randomly. So, some people can just press play, sit back [and watch] and everybody gets a different order. But I love the idea of people being able to go in and choose.

The time periods for each episode vary, ranging from 24 years before (“Violet”) to six months after the heist (“Pink”). The other timeframes are seven years before (“Green”), three weeks before (“Orange”), the morning after (“Red”), five days before (“Blue”), and six weeks before (“Yellow”).

Many viewers discovered that understanding the plot better came from watching the episodes in chronological order, as usual. You must keep track of the time period shown in each episode in order to arrange them chronologically. Regardless of how you feel about the remainder of the series, “White,” the episode that depicts the heist, is supposed to be the series climax. But if you’re determined to watch the subsequent episodes in order, you need to follow the following pattern:

  • Violet — 24 years before the heist
  • Green — seven years before the heist
  • Yellow — six weeks before the heist
  • Orange — three weeks before the heist
  • Blue — five days before the heist
  • Red — the day after the heist
  • Pink — six months later
  • White — the heist

Additionally, many Reddit users have thought up more inventive ways to watch Kaleidoscope. You may, for instance, attempt the colors of the rainbow in this order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, and White. Another option is to arrange the colors in a reverse rainbow, (while still leaving “White” in last):  Pink, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. It would still work if you wanted to watch the episodes in the order of your preferred colors.

However, as Garcia mentioned, viewers can also decide to simply watch the series as it is created for them. For instance, Garcia suggested the following order to Newsweek to watch the show:

  • Yellow: 6 Weeks Before The Heist
  • Green: 7 Years Before the Heist
  • Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist
  • Violet: 24 Years Before the Heist
  • Blue: 5 Days Before the Heist
  • Red: The Morning After the Heist
  • Pink: 6 Months After
  • White: The Heist” the series finale.

The storyline of the show spans 24 years, and this path takes viewers from the start of the story to its conclusion. A dispute between expert thief Leo Pap and Roger Salas, the CEO of a security company whose assets include an ultramodern bank vault in the middle of Manhattan, is at the center of the story. As one character notes (a nod to one of Kaleidoscope’s influences) “exactly like in Die Hard,” Leo gathers a squad of (at least) five thieves, each with their particular field of skill, to relieve Leo of $7 billion of unsecured bearer bonds.

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