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What Happened to RJ Acosta in Kaleidoscope? Who Actually Killed Him?

Jan 5, 2023 @ 3:32 EST
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What Happened to RJ Acosta in Kaleidoscope? Who Actually Killed Him?

RJ Acosta, one of the characters in Netflix's Kaleidoscope, dies and many viewers are curious to know what actually happened to him. Well, Judy shoots and kills him in order to save her husband as Rj was stopping Bob to escape with the bonds by threatening to kill him.

Kaleidoscope, a clever new heist-thriller from Netflix, follows the concept of pretended reality. In the show, a gang of robbers makes an attempt to steal into a vault containing enormous amounts of bearer bonds. To encourage users to approach the series from a different viewpoint than their streaming peers, viewers are each given a different order to watch the episodes. The theft itself serves as the focal point of each episode's conclusion.

Released on January 1, 2023, the show consists of 8 episodes. The creator of the American heist drama web series is Eric Garcia. The eight-part series follows master thief Leo Pap aka Ray Vernon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his skilled crew as they try to steal $7 billion but are stopped by betrayal, greed, and other threats.

Over the course of the show's eight color-coded episodes, several characters pass away. The largest questions include the reasons for these people's deaths, how they died, and who will ultimately get the $7 billion.

RJ Acosta Jr., played by Jordan Mendoza, is one of the characters of the show who has captivated the attention of many viewers. His death has led many to wonder what happened to him and who actually killed him. Well, here's everything you need to know about RJ's death.

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Kaleidoscope: As RJ Was About to Stop Bob From Escaping With the Bonds, Judy Shoots and Kills Him in Order to Save Her Husband!

The aftermath of the heist is when we first learn that RJ has experienced a problem. Only Ray, Stan, Judy, and Ava are able to escape SLS and reassemble to decide what to do next. RJ's name raises a small amount of anxiety. They speculate that RJ may have taken the bonds with him because they are still missing, but a far more tragic reality about his situation soon becomes clear.

Ray hired RJ to serve as a getaway driver. Ray gave his tech, who was well-versed in his profession, the responsibility of retrieving the bonds when they were sent up from the vault and placing them onto the truck they would use to leave. RJ gradually establishes his value, but because he is the youngest of the group, he is not always taken seriously. Nevertheless, no one really bothers him, and everyone else on the team treats him nicely other than Bob.

Every stage of the plan is disrupted by Judy's hot-headed husband, who turns out to be more trouble than he's worth. Bob entered the scene unintentionally; Ray only planned for Judy to be a part of the heist. In spite of this, he offered to assist by offering his excellent skills to break into the vault.

He is also helpful when the group needs to carry out a smaller heist so they may obtain funds for the larger heist. However, he once more demonstrates how impetuous and unpredictable he can be throughout the execution. It was a warning sign that shouldn't have been disregarded because doing so results in the loss of several lives.

He packs everything up on the truck as directed after Ray and the others have broken into the vaults and Judy has packed the bonds and delivered them to RJ via the elevators. Bob and Judy exit as he waits for the other people to arrive. It seems that Bob has changed his mind, and he now intends to escape with the entire haul of the heist. Judy's doubts about betraying others are evident, but Bob appears to have made up his decision. RJ stands forward to stop Bob's plans before he can escape.

Unafraid of RJ, Bob pushes him, but he is unaware that Judy handed RJ a gun before they departed for the heist, just in case he needed it to defend himself. RJ is fed up with Bob mistreating him and is going to shoot him dead until Judy shoots him three times. She didn't want to do this because she obviously cared about RJ enough to give him a gun while the others had dismissed his worries about his lack of protection. But when she sees him about to kill her husband, she kills him out of emotion.

Kaleidoscope is now streaming on Netflix.

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