Who Killed Leo Pap in Kaleidoscope? Reddit Users Discuss the Possibilities & Ending!

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Who Killed Leo Pap in Kaleidoscope? Reddit Users Discuss the Possibilities & Ending!

Leo Pap, the leading character of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope, was shot from the back and killed, however, the identity of the killer was never revealed in Season 1. While there are possibilities that either Stan or Agent Samuel Toby might have killed him, Reddit users believe Roger Salas’ son was the one to blame after everything Leo did to his family.

Kaleidoscope, a series starring Giancarlo Esposito, was chosen by Netflix to kick off the new year in one of its most unusually organized programming lineups in recent years. The suspenseful thriller follows a mismatched crew of crooks as they attempt to commit one of the greatest heists in recorded history.

The eight episodes are ordered randomly across all Netflix accounts, which adds an element of freshness to the series and allows creator Eric Garcia to provide each viewer with a unique perspective on the events in the chronology leading up to and following the heist. However, the series’ final hour always finishes on the “White” episode, which is where the real heist takes place, regardless of the sequence in which you watch the episodes.

Given that the show is a show about a heist team where each member has a personal agenda, it seems to reason that many of the characters’ stories wouldn’t end up nicely. Leo Pap, for instance, was already aware of his fatal disease and the short time he had left to live. Even if his fate at the end of it all wasn’t particularly good because he died, he nevertheless carried off the theft and managed to escape from it unharmed. However, it leaves us to wonder who actually killed Leo. Well, here is everything we know.

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Kaleidoscope: While the Identity of the Character Who Killed Leo Pap Wasn’t Revealed, Reddit Users Believe Roger Salas’ Son Was the Mysterious Killer!

Leo Pap did indeed eventually die in Kaleidoscope, but the problem with his mystery killer is that he was an apparently unidentified male who was never identified. Since his clothing (kaleidoscope shirt) was the sole indicator, we could only see him from the back. So, who actually killed Leo?

Leo was spotted at the park while out on a call with his daughter Hannah in the last scene of Pink. He was being followed by a man who was wearing a bright shirt with adorable cartoon characters. Leo was fatally wounded by a backshot from this mysterious stranger. As a result, while he was ultimately going to die as a result of his terminal sickness, he died when someone hunted him down and killed him. Leo’s sickness had already sealed his fate, yet he nonetheless died in a way that was appropriate for his life of risk.

The first person who comes to mind is probably Stan, who was Leo’s close buddy and with whom he shared a cell. Unfortunately, the heist also destroyed Stan’s life because Judy left him when the FBI raided them six months later. Leo led him to lose everything, including his wife and mother, as well as the ability to run his deli.

Stan had every reason in the world to attempt to betray Leo by killing him in revenge, but the one thing we do know is that there was really no justification for the scene in which he was wearing a pretty bright shirt with charming characters. After all, the murderer in question would need to have a valid excuse for wearing that shirt.

This brings us back to Agent Nazan Abassi, the FBI officer who is determined to bring Ray Vernon, who was Leo’s name before changing it, to justice. When Nazan got on the wrong side of the Triplets due to her fixation with eliminating Ray, she died.

This introduces us to Agent Samuel Toby, a love interest for Nazan and a fellow FBI agent. He has every motive to murder Leo because he lost the lady he loved to him while Nazan was focused on eliminating him. We also know that the small stuffed animals that Nazan enjoyed with her kid and kept on her desk were identical to the adorable figures on the murderer’s blouse.

As a result, we have every reason to think that Samuel Toby was the one who killed Leo. Toby was able to find Leo and murder him as revenge since the thief had a loose connection to Nazan Abassi’s downfall and death.

On the other hand, some Reddit users also believe it was Roger Salas’ son who shot Leo. Roger’s son may have thought that the only way to exact revenge on the guy who had destroyed his family was to murder him.

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