Who Is Chloe in Manifest? What Happened to Her? How Did She Die?

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Chloe is Zeke's sister in Manifest. blurred-reality.com

Chloe is actually Zeke Landon’s younger sister in Manifest who died of drowning in the sea while Zeke was busy calling the girl he liked from school.

With a focus on science fiction and spirituality, Netflix‘s Manifest tells a fascinating story about time travel. The disappearance of Flight 828 marks the beginning of it. It goes lost for five and a half years without a trace, then reappears out of nowhere. The travelers learn that their new lease on life has a deadline when they return.

The passengers also experience visions known as the Callings as they travel back, which direct them to add people they need to save and benefit the world. Michaela Stone meets Zeke Landon thanks to one of these callings. She learns that their experiences are more closely related than she had anticipated because Zeke appears to have experienced many of the same things as she has.

While it is an amazing experience to die and then come back to life a year later, Chloe’s death is what haunts him the most. Similarly, a lot of viewers have been curious to know who really is Chloe and how she died. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Manifest: Chloe Is Zeke Landon’s Sister Who Died Because of His Negligence While They Were Younger!

Chloe is actually Zeke Landon‘s sister in Manifest who died while they were younger. Chloe drowned in the sea as Zeke was busy talking to a girl he liked from school. Later, her body was found in the ravine and Zeke left his home because of the guilt.

Chloe is Zeke's sister who died because of his negligence. blurred-reality.comChloe is Zeke’s sister who died because of his negligence.
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What Happened to Chloe? How Did She Die?

Zeke‘s family went camping in the Tannersville, New York, area in 2006. Chloe, his sister, was a few years younger than Zeke, who was fifteen. Zeke was meant to supervise his sister, but the two of them had been hanging out together. Chloe went into the sea and drowned because he neglected to look after her when he received a call from a schoolgirl he liked.

Chloe died of drowning as Zeke was busy talking to a girl. blurred-reality.comChloe died of drowning as Zeke was busy talking to a girl.
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Later, divers discovered her lifeless body in the ravine. Zeke took responsibility for it and wondered what may have happened if he hadn’t been distracted by a girl who had no relevance to him.

Zeke’s parents, who also held him responsible, encouraged his guilt. As a result, their relationship became strained, and Zeke grew up becoming involved with the wrong things. Zeke carried the guilt of Chloer’s passing into adulthood, and to cope with the anguish, he turned to drugs. His life began to spiral out of control as he struggled to carry on. He was so horrified by it that he never went to his sister’s memorial at the scene of her discovery.

Zeke hikes to the ravine years later to confront his suffering and remorse but gets stuck in a snowstorm. A year has passed since he first entered the cave where he hides and nearly perishes from hypothermia before being saved. He meets Michaela at this point, and his life starts to change. Michaela understands his thoughts because she has gone through a similar experience, so talking to her about his guilt helps him find closure.

He may have traveled a year into the future, but that doesn’t make his suffering any less intense. Michaela discovers him and rescues him just as he is about to vanish back into the forest. He talks about the beautiful times he had with his sister and remembers that there is more to him than the one awful thing he did through the sharing of those precious memories. He also admits that he retained the gold star necklace his sister cherished as a memento of her.

He had previously struggled to attend the memorial, but with Michaela by his side, he gains the courage to do so and relive the catastrophe in order to find closure for his feelings. He admits that this climb had been a requirement for his participation in Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-Step Program, which required him to “admit to a higher power, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

He and Michaela built a cairn in honor of his sister, which Chloe adored and referred to as “fairy towers.” He declares his love for her and leaves the necklace beside the cairn, but he is also prepared to move on with his life.

Manifest is currently streaming on Netflix.

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