What Happened to Lourdes in Manifest? Was She Pregnant? Does She Come Back?

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What Happened to Lourdes in Manifest? Was She Pregnant? Does She Come Back? blurred-reality.com

It’s unknown what happened to Lourdes since she never comes back to Manifest after she divorces Jared in the first season of Manifest. She splits with Jared after she finds out that he was an affair with Michaela. And while she planned to have a baby, she was never pregnant. 

Manifest on Netflix starts out with the enigmatic disappearance of Flight 828. It sets off from Jamaica in 2013 and is scheduled to land in New York, but it disappears for 5.5 years. It returns in 2018. Turbulence was all that caused the passengers’ landing to be slightly delayed. Years have passed, though, and things have changed in the rest of the world.

A group of travelers tries to solve the puzzle of why they disappeared and how it has affected them. As the passengers learn that their time on Earth is limited, many other things are impacted as well when they discover the Death Date. And they return to the plane in an effort to find a solution to their problem.

On the other hand, many viewers have been curious to know what happened to Lourdes, one of the characters of the show. Lourdes, who was regular in Season 1, does not make any appearance after Season 1. Well, let’s find out what happened to her.

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Manifest: Neither the Show nor the Creators Have Given Any Explanation About What Happened to Lourdes as She Never Comes Back!

In the first season 1 of Manifest, we learn that Michaela was about to accept Jared‘s proposal of getting married after she lands in New York. However, things changed when Michaela reach her destiny after disappearing for 5.5 years. After she reaches her destiny, Michaela finds out that Jared was already married to Lourdes, her best friend.

The show never explains what happened to Lourdes. blurred-reality.comThe show never explains what happened to Lourdes.
Image Source: TV Line

This leaves Michaela devasted. However, she and Michaela do have an affair even after knowing that Jared was married. Lourdes, who was planning to have a baby with Jared, then finds that they have feelings for each other and asks for a divorce. She then leaves the house she and Jared shared.

That’s it. That’s literally it. She never comes back in the series. It appears the creators neglected the character of Lourdes completely and did not even bother to give an explanation for what happened to her.

Was Lourdes Pregnant? Do Jared and Lourdes Have a Baby?

No, Lourdes was not pregnant. It appears she only planned to have a baby with Jared. The return of Michaela eventually ruined her plan of having a family as she asked Jared for a divorce. Hence, Jared and Lourdes do not have a baby.

Lourdes was not pregnant. blurred-reality.com Lourdes was not pregnant.
Image Source: TV Line

Do Jared and Lourdes Divorce? Or Do They Get Back Together?

Even though the show does not confirm whether they got divorced, we can assume they did because Lourdes never makes her appearance back in the show again and Jared is involved in multiple relationships. That means that they do not get back together. Additionally, now that the series finale has finally arrived, we want to inform you that Jared ends up with Drea, who is carrying his child.

Death Date: Know What It Means in Manifest!

In the Glow, where time functions differently than it does in the outside world, Flight 828 vanished for five and a half years. When they return to their regular lives, the Glow is what gives them the Callings. While connecting to the Divine Consciousness has many advantages, it also has a significant disadvantage. One’s life has a limit because of it. The Death Date comes into play here.

When one leaves the earth, the amount of time they have left when they return is exactly the same. The three methheads who drown themselves return 84 days later and pass away 84 days later. Even though they are not near any water, the signs of their demise resemble drowning. After going missing for a year, Zeke Landon returns with exactly one year remaining.

The travelers disappeared for the same five and a half years. They will therefore have five and a half years left when they return. Even though each person’s Death Date is unique, everyone who has visited the Glow has one. When the Death Date comes, everyone is held accountable for their deeds during the period of time following their return from the Glow. They are protected if their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds. If not, they will suffer the consequences.

Zeke Landon is spared, but the methheads perished on their Death Day. The passengers discover they are all in the same lifeboat when this happens. Their collective acts will be evaluated, and their survival depends on the ratio of good deeds to negative deeds that they commit. This means that even one bad deed might endanger the survival of the entire lifeboat, making it difficult for the good people to maintain the balance necessary to keep the lifeboat afloat.

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