Is Drea Pregnant in Manifest?

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Drea is Pregnant in Manifest.

Yes, Drea is pregnant in Manifest. In Season 4 Part 2, she reveals to Jared that she is pregnant with his child. In the end, Jared and Mich split, and Jared ends up with Drea.

Manifest Season 4 Part 2 has finally made it to Netflix after months of waiting, and if you’re just beginning your binge-watch, get ready for a thrilling trip as the program enters its final stretch. Nothing will be able to prepare you for the journey the season leads us on, so brace yourself for a succession of stunning discoveries.

Eight months after Episode 10, Season 4 Episode 11 of the show reveals to us that Jared and Drea‘s relationship has cooled. Working and sleeping together, in her words, “is too co-dependent. They appear to be on good terms before an unpleasant conversation in episode 15 makes viewers worry if she is pregnant. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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Yes, Drea Is Pregnant With Jared’s Child in Manifest!

Yes, Drea is indeed pregnant in Manifest. In the 16th episode of the show, Drea texts Jared with the message, “U around? Need to talk.” She uncomfortably replies that she can’t recall what the text was about when Jared asks her what she wanted to tell him later that day after she meets up with him & Michaela and observes their chemistry. She was even wearing her sweatshirt knotted around her waist.

Drea is pregnant with Jared's child in Manifest. blurred-reality.comDrea is pregnant with Jared’s child in Manifest.
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You might forget all about Drea’s text to Jared and awkward conversation-dodging. However, it all comes pouring back to you in Episode 17, which skips ahead eight months to May 2, 2024 (or one month before the Death Date). Why? because it begins with Drea and her mother carrying a number of shopping bags as they stroll down the sidewalk. We find out that she resigned as a police officer, purchased the entire structure next to the 828 detention facility, and, oh yeah, she is PREGNANT!

As it turns out, she doesn’t want to raise her child in an outdated, dilapidated structure. She purchased it because the building and the detention facility share a wall, and she intends to “Shawshank” herself through to free the passengers. Later in the episode, a Calling brings Cal and Jared to Drea’s help, and Jared notices Drea’s tummy and wonders, “Am I the father?!” They are interrupted before she can respond.

Near the end of Episode 15, as the chaos begins to calm down, Jared and Drea have a private moment during which she discloses that Jared is the biological father of her child, however, she adds that whether or not he “wants to be an actual parent is a whole other story.”

Even though he still loves Michaela, Jared tells Drea that becoming a parent is all he’s ever wanted. Michaela can sense his excitement about becoming a father and starting a family of his own. Mich completely supports Jared and Drea sharing parental responsibilities, and she assures her that their connections with Jared did not cross over.

But it becomes more and more obvious with each new episode that Michaela struggles with the possibility that Jared might still be dating the mother of his child if it was not for her.

Do Drea and Jared End up Together?

Even though Jared and Michaela will always be in love, Michaela reveals to Jared on Death Day Eve that he never asked her why she boarded the later aircraft after he proposed to her all those years ago. She said,

It was to stall. Deep down I knew you proposed because you wanted to help me get over the Evie drama…I think you and I know we envisioned different futures for each other. Everything you need is one tent over.

Drea and Jared end up together in the end. blurred-reality.comDrea and Jared end up together in the end.
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Jared ends up with Drea and his child after an emotional separation from Michaela. However, that doesn’t mean Mich doesn’t have a happy ending of her own. You’ll have to watch to find out what surprises are in store for one of our favorite Stone ladies in the Manifest season finale.