Who Does Jared End up With in Manifest? Do Jared and Michaela Get Back Together in Season 4 Part 2?

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Jared Ends up With Drea in Manifest. blurred-reality.com

Even though Jared and Michaela get back together earlier in Manifest Season 4 Part 2, Jared ends up with Drea. Michaela dumps him after knowing Drea is pregnant with his child.

A group of passengers’ lives is changed in Netflix‘s Manifest after the plane they were on makes a five-and-a-half-year time jump. They already live in a strange world, and things only grow stranger when they get enigmatic visions that enable them to prevent tragedies and rescue lives. And with the release of Season 4 Part 2, the show has finally come to an end.

Of course, we get all of our questions answered, including who ends up with whom. Jared, Michaela Stone‘s boyfriend, had proposed to her before she boarded the aircraft. He fell in love with another person, Drea, after the plane disappeared and Michaela was never discovered. When she returned, it caused tension between them that they could never overcome, especially when Michaela fell in love with someone else.

Michaela and Jared do get back together, however, it’s revealed that Drea is pregnant with Jared’s child. As a result, many viewers want to know who he ends up with. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Jared Ends up With Drea at the End of Manifest Season 4 Part 2!

At the end of Manifest Season 4 Part 2, Jared ends up with Drea after reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Even though he first agrees to co-parent the baby, Michaela breaks up with him after she realized that she was the reason Jared was not together with the mother of his child and he eventually gets back with Drea.

Jared ends up with Drea at the end of Manifest. blurred-reality.comJared ends up with Drea at the end of Manifest.
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Jared still had feelings for Michaela, and Drea was aware of it despite their strong chemistry. So, when she found out he was leaving town with Michaela, she decided to hide her pregnancy. Drea no longer keeps the secret when Jared returns eight months later. She doesn’t compel him to become a parent, though. He desires to father their child.

Jared is shown the life he could have with Drea’s pregnancy. He doesn’t object when Michaela suggests breaking up, despite the fact that he still loves her. In the end, he stays with Drea as the Death Date approaches. Michaela continues to choose not to be with him as the passengers return to 2013 after the Death Date.

She remembers everything that happened, but he doesn’t. Jared acknowledges that he made the proposal to cheer her up following Evie‘s death. If she won’t do it out of love, he urges her not to accept. He is right, Michaela says, and he will find someone better who will accept him for who he is.

Jared runs into a police officer later that day as they are leaving the airport, and it turns out to be Drea. Their first encounter shows that they have chemistry, and their immediate attraction is evident. He follows her into the airport, where the rest of the police department is convening to try to solve the case of the eleven passengers who mysteriously vanished from Flight 828. This scene demonstrates that even though they are meeting each other for the second time, he and Drea still have a connection and will eventually get together.

Do Jared and Michaela Get Back Together in Season 4 Part 2?

Yes, Jared and Michaela get back together in the initial episodes of Manifest Season 4 Part 2. However, they do not end up together at the end. Instead, he ends up with Drea, as mentioned above.

While Jared and Michaela do get back together, they later split in Season 4 Part 2. blurred-reality.comWhile Jared and Michaela do get back together, they later split in Season 4 Part 2.
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Mick was in mourning at the beginning of part 2 because Zeke, who gave his life to save Cal‘s, passed away. Director Zimmer at the correctional facility, however, granted her special permission to leave the premises and work with Jared to address the Callings of passengers.

Together, Mick and Jared caught a woman who was defrauding the families of incarcerated 828-ers and freed a young kid from a trafficking ring.He assisted Michaela in removing the monitoring chip from her arm and accompanied her to an abandoned home after Michaela’s father suffered a stroke. Michaela and Jared were together until the night before the Death Day when she dumped him. He was free to go after Drea, his child’s mother.

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