Zay Wilson From Perfect Match: Zodiac Sign, Birthday & Instagram of the Former ‘The Ultimatum’ Cast!

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Zay Wilson From Perfect Match: Zodiac Sign, Birthday & Instagram of the Former ‘The Ultimatum’ Cast!

Zay Wilson from Netflix’s Perfect Match is a model and a former basketball player. The 26-year-old star was born in 1997 and celebrates his birthday on September 13 (zodiac sign: Virgo). He was previously cast in The Ultimatum with his ex-girlfriend, Rae Williams. However, the couple decided to part ways. Follow to know more about Zay with his Instagram handle (@zaywilson).

This month, the Netflix reality multiverse moves into the world of the Avengers. A number of unsuccessful competitors from the top programs on the streaming network, including Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind, The Circle, and others, are brought together in the dating series Perfect Match, which is fashioned around some steamy musical chairs. As a result, you can expect a drama hot mess that may foreshadow future Netflix original shows.

The Ultimatum cutie, Zay Wilson, is back for another shot at romance. He participated in The Ultimatum as part of a social experiment with Rae Williams, his partner of 2.5 years. However, the relationship did not last, and Zay is now single and seeking a partner. He is one of the first contestants on Perfect Match to enter the house.

On the other hand, many viewers who did watch The Ultimatum are curious to know more about Zay as well as what really happened between him and Rae. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Zay Wilson From Perfect Match: The 26-Year-Old Model & Former Basketball Player Was Previously in a Relationship With Rae Williams for 2.5 Years!

Zay Wilson (@zaywilson), who was born in 1997, attended Kansas Westyn University and is a massive 6’6″ tall (1.98m). The Perfect Match cast celebrates his birthday on September 13 (zodiac sign: Virgo).

The Austin, Texas, native, was a committed basketball player. Before enrolling at Kansas Wesleyan University to study sports management, Zay attended Houston-Tillotson School. The athlete wore jersey number 5 and played as a forward for his institution. However, it appears the 26-year-old star is currently more focused on his modeling career since his appearance in Netflix’s The Ultimatum rather than playing basketball.

We all know that his relationship didn’t work with his ex-girlfriend, Rae Williams (@rae.williams). The couple even admitted during The Ultimatum reunion that they did try to make things right, but in the end, the two parted ways, and Zay has, as far as we know, stayed single.

Since then, Zay has continued to pursue his modeling profession by frequently flying to Los Angeles. It is unknown if he has moved to Los Angeles from Austin, but if not, he is undoubtedly amassing frequent flier miles. This 6’6 former basketball player is prepared to search for love in all the appropriate places, which reportedly includes a tropical paradise, despite his flourishing profession.

In the midst of a brutal reality TV competition, Zay and the other Perfect Match singles are dumped on an island paradise to see if they can find love. The most compatible couples win in this game, both in principle and in fact, as the best-performing couples get to help the worst-performing couples and individuals.

Zay has maintained a strong connection to his basketball beginnings by taking part in charitable events where he can display his talents despite his newfound reality TV and modeling stardom. While they encourage one another in the comments on Instagram, he is also getting to know his other Perfect Match co-stars. Watch for him and Bartise from Love Is Blind to unite on Perfect Match since they appear to be particularly good friends and frequently comment on each other’s posts.

Netflix Accidentally Reveals One of the ‘Perfect Match’ Couples With Its New Teaser!

Just the first four episodes of Perfect Match are currently available, however, it appears that the streaming platform ruined some of its own episodes. It gives away a future pair on Perfect Match in a recent teaser.

Despite the fact that Dom Gabriel‘s future was uncertain at the end of episode 4, the teaser for the upcoming Perfect Match episodes reveals that he matches with Georgia Hassarati (@georgiahassarati). Fans can see Dom raising his glass in a toast at the villa while his arm is around Georgia’s waist in the teaser.

On the fourth episode, Georgia teamed up with Chase Demoor from Too Hot to Handle. He broke up his match with Anne-Sophie Petit Frere and took Georgia in for himself after they won a trip to the boardroom. But, when they lost the compatibility test, it gave Francesca the opportunity to act and let Damien inside. According to the brief shot in the trailer, Georgia and Dom appear to get along for at least one evening. They’re not the only pair, though, who will make changes in the forthcoming episodes.

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