Tori from Swap Shop: Meet the Netflix Alum Victoria Cooley on Instagram!

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Tori from Swap Shop: Meet the Netflix Alum Victoria Cooley on Instagram!

Tori or Victoria Tori Cooley is the owner of Swap Shop, and now that Netflix changed the shop into a reality show, Tori has been rising to prominence with the increased number of Instagram followers. Let’s get to know Netflix alum Tori aka Victoria Cooley.

Swap Shop, an extraordinary American reality show, released its second season on Netflix on 16th February 2022. The show is totally linked with money-making, and business.

To be specific, the cast members sell their futile products to those who are in need of it, via a radio program named Swap Shop.

One’s futile item could be useful to some other person, so selling in a lesser amount than the actual cost, and trading, Swap Shop is quite eminent.

Swap Shop was earlier referred to as a tradition in eastern Tennessee in buying, selling, and trading products.

With its popularity, it succeeded in catching Netflix’s eyes, and thus, has turned into a reality show and brought six episodes to Swap Shop Season 2. Since it’s a shop, won’t you want to know the owner, Tori?

Previously, we touched on Season 3.

Tori from Swap Shop: Who is Victoria Tori Cooley?

Victoria Tori Cooley or simply Tori has been rising to prominence after Netflix released its eminent show, Swap Shop. Typically, it’s a show where people can buy, sell, and trade products.

For instance, one’s trash could be useful to others, and he/she could sell that and in return, take money or other product. In other words, just to get what the show is about, we can somewhat call it thrifting, but through a radio program.

While for the spectators, Swap Shop might be a reality show, however, for Tori, it’s her second home, to be specific, she is the owner of the shop. Aged around 35, Tori has dedicated and put her heart into owning the shop.

Specifically, Cooley is the owner of West Main Antique Shop and based on her shop, Netflix’s exclusive show, Swap Shop runs.

Being the owner, it isn’t possible for her to look at every small detail, and run the shop smoothly. Therefore, as a helping hand, Tori has appointed Larry Thacker as the general manager of her shop.

As an owner, Victoria Tori looks after people to get their products exchanged, and manage the collectibles as well. Running this business has helped her to gain a huge amount of profit, and it appears that Tori’s business is inclining towards success.

Moreover, the reality show, Swap Shop also helped her gain numerous customers, and up-train her profit margin. Summing up all the assets, and money that Tori makes from her business, her net worth is estimated to be around $50,000-$1 million.

Along with the rising popularity of her shop, Victoria Tori Cooley herself has been able to gain wide recognition from the public and is quite eminent on Instagram too.

Is Tori from Swap Shop Married?

Being a successful businesswoman, Tori’s professional field is alluring hefty profits, but is she just confined to being a businesswoman? No. Apart from this, she is the mother of her two boys, Charlie and Jack.

Looking at her Instagram account, it is discernible that she loves both of her children, and thus, posts a lot about them on her Instagram account. More than posting her own photos, Tori is into aesthetics and maintains her feed with organized posts.

Seeing Tori and Larry work together in Swap Shop, myriads of people might have assumed that they are romantically together or are married.

Astounding everyone and clearing out all the random assumptions, Cooley has made it clear that she is with Sam Bickford. Sam and Tori spent quality time, made many memories possible, and eventually got married on 24th October 2020.

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