Meet Timanisha Taylor from Jailbirds New Orleans on Netflix

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Meet Timanisha Taylor from Jailbirds New Orleans on Netflix

Timanisha Taylor features on Jailbirds New Orleans on Netflix. She was arrested for serious violations. Timanisha Taylor was charged on two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, unlawful firing of a weapon, and several other offenses.

Netflix‘s new docuseries Jailbirds New Orleans is a three-part chapter in the Jailbirds franchise that focuses on the lives and misdeeds of incarcerated women confined at the Orleans Justice Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This series centers around their day-to-day struggles in order to highlight the severity of their situations and throw light on how some people just wish to return home and illustrate that they are greater than the sum of their crimes.

Timanisha Taylor appeared to be among them. And now, if you want to learn more about this inmate, we’ve got all the details you’ll ever need.

Who is Timanisha Taylor from Jailbirds New Orleans?

Timanisha Taylor, a resident of New Orleans, often referred to as The Big Easy, paints Louisiana’s capital as a sad and horrible city that destroys as many hearts as it sews with its liberated energy. She can claim this with certainty since she has witnessed it herself.

It’s worth mentioning, her father, stepfather, and brother were all killed here, in accordance with her story in the documentary. Furthermore, Timanisha added that if you are not on medications to deal with city life, a close friend or relative is likely to be, shattering even more ambitions and aspirations.

Timanisha Taylor, too, became embroiled in the negative aspects, but in a different way. Owing to an open warrant, she was apprehended by Tulane Avenue officers in April 2019.

Nonetheless, she claims that it was the first occasion she had been detained and charged with major offenses. Two counts of felony battery with a firearm, unauthorized shooting of a weapon, burglary, robbery, and two instances of breaking restraining orders were all charged.

These changed her plans because she was apparently wanting to turn over a fresh leaf for the welfare of her family and kids at the time.

What is Timanisha Taylor Doing Now?

Timanisha Taylor was freed on a year’s parole after spending nearly a year in Orleans Justice Center. While imprisoned in the Parish, she had made every effort to be present for her two young girls.

This is precisely the reason, in addition to the regular visits, she constantly awaited Girl Scouts Day every month, when she could meet, play, and interact with her girls in the flesh for a few hours.

Timanisha recognized, more than ever, that becoming a decent mother and embracing full-time parenthood was all she desired to get from her situation.

From what we can gather, Timanisha Taylor is still living in New Orleans, and based on the lack of subsequent complaints under her name, she appears to have kept herself out of trouble since her discharge.

In the documentary, the now 29-year-old mentioned literature and perhaps photography as prospective side hustles to support her family, so we believe that someday she will be free to pursue a career in the field she desires.

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