Julie Raffray from Jailbirds New Orleans is Charged with Second-degree Murder

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Julie Raffray from Jailbirds New Orleans is Charged with Second-degree Murder

Julie Raffray from Netflix’s Jailbirds New Orleans is indicted for the second-degree murder of a Luling man named Branden Pelot after he overdosed on heroin she sold.

Netflix‘s docuseries franchise Jailbirds, which follows the lives of a group of incarcerated inmates, achieved remarkable acclaim.

It can be viewed as a more real-life, behind-the-scenes, and gritty version of Netflix‘s popular comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black. The first edition debuted in 2019 to rave critical reception, with fans complimenting the visceral nature of the story.

The latest iteration in the program, dubbed Jailbirds New Orleans, arrived on Netflix this week, reigniting the viewer’s enthusiasm in obtaining an inside glimpse at prison life.

The new show centers on the female inmates at the Orleans Justice Center and the intrigue that ensues as a result of their tangled interactions.

Julie Raffray is one of the cast members, who was arrested for drug possession and second-degree murder.

Julie Raffray Features on Jailbirds New Orleans on Netflix

Jailbirds New Orleans stars genuine convicts and staff from the Orleans Justice Center, including Harley Himber (incarcerated for narcotics and trespassing) and Megan Hall (charged for second-degree murder, armed burglary, and obstruction).

Another prisoner is Timanisha Taylor, who was convicted of various offenses including aggravated assault and home invasion.

Jamie Evans (charged with robbery and stealing), Heather Tredick (serving time for dope possession and parole infringement), and Julie Raffray (arrested for drug possession and second-degree murder) also appear in the series.

Jailbirds New Orleans also includes correctional authorities such as Lieutenant Picard, Captain Steele, Sergeant Stamps, and Deputy Hunter from the prison.

Julie Raffray is Indicted for Second Degree Murder of Branden Pelot

Back in June 2018, Michael “Slim” Willis, Julie Raffray, Sonya Blake, and James Bordelon were implicated in a nine-count narcotics prosecution.

Additionally, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office prosecuted Willis and Raffray with second-degree murder in the death of Branden Pelot after he overdosed on the heroin they sold.

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