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On May 4, 2023 By Reality Writer

Yael Yurman’s Wikipedia: Is She Jewish? Age, Sister, Family, Siblings & Instagram!

Yael Yurman (age: 21) from Firefly Lane is not Jewish as she was born into a pure Christian family. Many...
On May 4, 2023 By Allan Ivanov

Roan Curtis’ Wikipedia: Age, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram & Birthday!

Roan Curtis was born in 1997 (birthday: February 1) to her parents, Stephanie and Kildare. The 26-year-old actress stands at...
On May 4, 2023 By Natalia Romanova

How Did Lisa Karen Die in Firefly Lane? Spoilers Ahead!

Lisa Karen died in Firefly Lane after she was struck by lightning outside of work while covering Kate's shift so...
On May 2, 2023 By Reality Writer

Katherine Heigl’s Scar on Neck: Operation (Surgery) Or a Tattoo?

Katherine Heigl has a scar on her neck and many people wonder if it's because she underwent surgery or if...
On May 2, 2023 By Natalia Romanova

Is Katherine Heigl Mormon? What Religion Does the Firefly Lane Cast Follow?

Katherine Heigl no longer follows Mormonism. After the Firefly Lane cast's older brother, Jason, died in a car accident in...
On December 8, 2022 By Reality Writer

Did Johnny Die in Firefly Lane? What Happens to Him After the IED Explosion in Iran?

No. Johnny didn't die after the IED explosion in Netflix's Firefly Lane. In Season 2 of the show, we see...
On December 8, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Does Tully Hart Die on Firefly Lane? What Happens to Her After the Accident?

No, Tully Hart does not die in Netflix's Firefly Lane. Even though she suffers from some facial and spine injuries,...
On December 8, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

What Does Tully Do to Kate in Firefly Lane? Why Is Kate Mad at Tully?

Kate is made at Tully in Netflix's Firefly Lane as Tully does something that upsets Kate. Well, Tully allowed Marah,...
On December 7, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Ali Skovbye’s Wikipedia: Age & Instagram of the Firefly Lane Cast!

Ali Skovbye, one of the cast members of Netflix's Firefly Lane, was born on May 16, 2002, in Vancouver, Canada....
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