Meet Seven Bailey from Metal Shop Masters on Netflix

Natalia Romanova

Meet Seven Bailey from Metal Shop Masters on Netflix

Seven Bailey is a contestant on Metal Shop Masters, a brand new reality competition on Netflix. Meet Seven Bailey on Instagram.

Seven Bailey is one of the contestants on Metal Shop Masters on Netflix. While Ivan Iler stole the hearts of many, Seven wasn’t a slouch either.

They (the pronoun Seven uses) is pretty talented in his own right, and they made sure viewers around the world got to witness it.

Seven Bailey Stars on Metal Shop Masters Netflix

Metal Shop Masters – featuring Seven Bailey – a competition focusing on metal shaping and creation, is now available on Netflix. The show consists of six 35-minute episodes.

The reality competition is hosted by Jo Koy, and the judges are sculptors and welders, David Madero and Stephanie Hoffman, who are making their Netflix debuts.

As per the description, on this competitive show, a group of metal artists flame, carve, and weld epic, badass sculptures out of hardened steel. Only one person will receive the $50,000 grand prize.

The seven skilled metal artists battling in the Netflix series are Rae Ripple, Tom, Frank, Seven, Leah, Ivan Iler, and Lou. Every episode demands them to design and construct something entirely distinct and impressive out of steel in order to wow the judges.

Each episode features one elimination and the individual who survives the longest receives the title of “Metal Shop Masters” and $50,000 in rewards.

Everybody aspires to win the title and the cash prize, so the competitors are pretty determined to perform to the best of their abilities.

The judges are demanding about what they want, yet their feedback is constructive rather than punishing. Every entrant has a distinct idea, and their passion for the art is clear in their final product.

If you’re cool with spoilers, find out the winner of Metal Shop Masters Season 1 here.

Is Seven Bailey on Instagram?

Seven Bailey from Metal Shop Masters is pretty active on Instagram with over 3k followers. They frequently post about their profession and lifestyle.

On Seven’s social media account, we can witness a lot of their inspiring and influential thoughts.

Their social platforms have also provided Seven with additional opportunities to showcase their work and interact with the audience.

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