Is Jo Koy Gay on Metal Shop Masters Netflix?

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Is Jo Koy Gay on Metal Shop Masters Netflix?

Fans are wondering if Metal Shop Masters Netflix host Jo Koy is gay. Well, he was previously a married man to a wife named Angie King. He is currently dating a girlfriend, Tia Carrere.

Joseph Glenn Herbert, commonly known as Jo Koy, is a Filipino-American stand-up comedian. Following his popularity as a regular panelist on Chelsea Handler‘s round table debate on Chelsea Lately, he went on to have a series of stand-up features on both Comedy Central as well as streaming giants Netflix.

Now, Jo Koy is serving as the host of the brand new Netflix reality competition Metal Shop Masters. The impressive cast also includes Stephanie Hoffman and David Madero.

Likewise, the contestants include Ivan Iler, Lou, Rae Ripple, Seven Bailey, Tom, Frank, and Leah.

Following the premiere of Metal Shop Masters, many fans are wondering if Jo Koy is gay. So, is there any truth? Is the comedian really gay? Let’s uncover.

Jos Koy from ‘Metal Shop Masters’ on Netflix is NOT Gay!

To put it bluntly, Metal Shop Masters star Jo Koy is not gay. He is attracted to women, and he even had a wife in the past.

The Netflix regular is pretty private when his personal life is concerned despite the fact that he often pokes fun at his family and experiences during his stand-up performances.

Jo Koy never even addresses his relationships in his content. But, while he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Tia Carrere, an actress, singer, and former model, we’re quite aware that he was formerly married to Angie King, a Filipino-American vocalist.

Despite rumors of him being gay, Jo and Angie were in a marital relationship for a few years and appeared to be quite joyful, but their relationship failed to carry the legs to go the distance, so they divorced.

Unlike other divorced spouses, Angie and Jo share a terrific bond and continue to be close friends, so much so that she occasionally endorses his business on her social media.

Jo Koy Shares a Son with His Former Wife Angie King

Before they split, Jo and Angie had a son, Joseph Herbert Jr., who was born on April 21, 2003. Lil Joe, or L.J., as everybody refers to him, has been the brunt of his father’s jokes on numerous occasions, but there isn’t much public knowledge about him because Jo tries to leave it that way.

Having said this, we’re aware that L.J. goes to a private school and that his dad is overjoyed to be able to offer a wonderful life for him. Because Jo and Angie value their Filipino background and culture, L.J. is encircled by his family’s views as well.

Although their relationship is strained, it appears that the comedian is disrupting the cycle by maintaining a good relationship with his son.

He said,

I love being a friend to my son. We go to the mall together. We shop. He picks out my clothes. We hang out. We go to different cities together. We like the same music. I think that’s why he appreciates his mom and me so much — we treat him like a friend.

It’s nice to see Jo Koy striving to have a good relationship with his kid. Meanwhile, we’d like to stress once again, Jo Koy is not gay, and the speculations make no sense to us!

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