Sergio Rincon From Love Is Blind Sweden: Reddit Update

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Sergio Rincon From Love Is Blind Sweden: Reddit Update – Sergio Rincon from Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Sweden is a 38-year-old DJ and soccer coach. Because of his personality, many people on Reddit have been criticizing him. Well, follow to know about him in detail.

Love Is Blind: Sweden on Netflix is a Swedish dating reality TV series based on the namesake American version. It brings together single and attractive people from all walks of life who share one common goal: to discover true love and settle down with their partner. Before meeting in person, they must first determine whether they connect with someone on the pod and propose marriage.

Leading up to the wedding day, the couples spend some time together on a vacation getting to know each other before deciding whether or not to marry the person they fell in love with blindly.

Sergio Rincon, one of the cast members of the Swedish season, has been getting a lot of attention because of his unique personality. As a result, many people have been wanting to know more about him. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet Sergio Rincon From Love Is Blind: Sweden

Sergio Rincon is a 38-year-old Soccer Coach and DJ who currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. He can be found on Instagram at (@mrsergiorincon). He first got attention among Love Is Blind: Sweden viewers when Kimia asked him his name.

His attempt to be a mysterious character in the pods did not go over well in the ladies’ room. Word definitely spread that he was keeping his name to himself, prompting some of the women to say “no from them.”

Sergio Rincon didn't start Love Is Blind: Sweden with a positive impression. blurred-reality.comSergio Rincon didn’t start Love Is Blind: Sweden with a positive impression.
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He was determined to maintain the “mystique” but finally began to let his guard down. But when it came to Amanda, the Stockholm native opened out more, revealing his name and additional information about himself. The Netflix actor revealed that he had lived in Stockholm his entire childhood and that his parents were from Colombia.

Later, Sergio also claimed to be “so good-looking’ to which some female contestants thought he had a big ego. However, he just wanted to have a laugh. It’s one thing to have hard conversations in the Love Is Blind pods, but Sergio also put his body to the test. While on the Netflix show, he even had a mining HIIT session.

One of the most perplexing parts of Sergio in the pods was that the participants had nothing except talk to assist them in determining whether or not they connected. He decided that he wanted to save most of the topics of talk for later.

Reddit: Most Viewers Are Not Impressed With Sergio!

Not only do most of the divas on Love Is Blind: Sweden, but many viewers appear to not like Sergio Rincon because of his personality. Many people have been criticizing him for his personality. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

You could be like Sergio, and constantly test, berate, and f*ck wih your gem of a fiancee because you worry you don’t deserve her!

Similarly, another wrote,

Sergio is very Swedish in his mannerisms. He is just a terrible person and it was nothing to do with Colombia. I just think he is determined to come on TV and be a villain.

Almost everyone on Reddit is criticizing Sergio Rincon. blurred-reality.comAlmost everyone on Reddit is criticizing Sergio Rincon.
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On the other hand, one user even expressed that Sergio owes an apology to Sweden writing,

I’m starting episode 2 and I feel like latinamerica owes Sweden an apology on behalf of Sergio. That man had the audacity to lie to that girl when he knew damn well he was still seeing other women and then lied and acted all confused when confronted about it, all while acting like he was hotter person in there and showing up with unwashed looking hair on top of that. Sweden, I’m sorry.