Meet the Cast (Couples) of Love Is Blind: Sweden

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Meet the Cast (Couples) of Love Is Blind: Sweden – The complete cast of Love Is Blind: Sweden includes 32 singles as well as host, Jessica Almenäs. Well, here is everything you need to know about the couples, including their ages and professions.

The hit Netflix dating show Love Is Blind has arrived in Sweden. The franchise, described as a social experiment in which unmarried men and women hunt for love and get engaged before meeting in person, has already played matchmaker in Brazil and Japan. It is now making its way to Europe for season one of Love Is Blind: Sweden.

On January 8, the official trailer for the premiere season was released on YouTube, and it lost no time in revealing all of the anticipated turmoil between the couples. Meanwhile, some viewers have been very interested to know the show’s cast, including the hosts and all the participants.

Love Is Blind: Sweden Cast; Meet All the Couples

Complete cast of Love Is Blind: Sweden. blurred-reality.comComplete cast of Love Is Blind: Sweden.
Image Source: Netflix

Love is Blind: Sweden takes viewers across the water as love ventures into unknown terrain. Taking “blind dating” to the next level, 32 singles seeking love go on a one-of-a-kind adventure to meet their potential soulmate – choosing a life partner without ever seeing them. Well, here’s the list of the complete cast (couples) who have participated in finding their soulmate.

  1. Adde – 33, VP – Security Company
  2. Alexandra – 33, General Secretary
  3. Amanda – 34, Economist
  4. Andrea – 36, Gym Studio Owner
  5. Andreas – 39, Firefighter
  6. Catja – 32, HR Specialist
  7. Christofer – 34, Self-employed
  8. Daniel – 38, Entrepreneur
  9. Emilia – 34, Business Manager – Telecommunications
  10. Huda – 30, Assistant Nurse
  11. Isabelle – 27, Assistant Nurse, Personal Assistant
  12. Jimmy – 34, Self-employed
  13. Johan – 34, Salesman
  14. Johannes – 32, Project Manager
  15. Karolina – 32, Payroll Controller
  16. Kimia – 34, Cosmetic Nurse
  17. Krisse-Ly – 30, Interior Stylist, Sales Assistant
  18. Leila – 35, Recruiter
  19. Lucas – 30, Operative Manager – Energy Production
  20. Markus – 29, Training Instruction Consultant
  21. Meira – 30, Economist
  22. Milan – 28, Car Salesman
  23. Mohamed – 32, Personal Trainer
  24. Mow – 43, Recruitment Consultant
  25. Nea – 36, Chief Advisor
  26. Nina – 31, Destination Manager, Artist
  27. Oskar – 32, Financial Advisor
  28. Rasmus – 32, Self-employed
  29. Sami – 29, Social Secretary
  30. Sandra – 36, Yoga Teacher, Artist
  31. Sergio – 38, Soccer Coach, DJ
  32. Victoria – 36, Resource Educator

Meet the Host of Love Is Blind: Sweden!

In case you’ve forgotten, a host is also part of the cast. Jessica Almenäs (@jessicaalmenas), a television presenter and reporter, will host Love Is Blind: Sweden, which she described as a “dream job” for a “hopeless romantic” like herself in a Netflix news release. Her prior hosting credits include Let’s Dance, Biggest Loser, and Superstars.

Jessica Almenäs is the host of Love Is Blind: Sweden. blurred-reality.comJessica Almenäs is the host of Love Is Blind: Sweden.
Image Source: Instagram

During the press conference, she expressed her excitement by saying,

I am so excited to be a part of this fascinating and completely unique experiment. I have been a big Love is Blind fan ever since the first season aired in the U.S. It feels fantastic that I now have the opportunity to host the Swedish version and be there to support our brave participants