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Rasmus From Love Is Blind Sweden: Instagram & Reddit blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Rasmus Hedenstedt from Love Is Blind: Sweden is currently 32 years old and works as COO at Transiett. He can be found on Instagram at (@rasmushedenstedt). Also, know why Reddit users have been criticizing him. 

The popular dating show on Netflix, Love Is Blind, has arrived in Sweden. The franchise, which describes itself as a social experiment in which single men and women search for love and become engaged before meeting in person, has already played matchmaker in Brazil and Japan.

Season 1 of Love Is Blind: Sweden is now available on the streaming platform. On January 8, the official trailer for the first season was uploaded on YouTube, and it wasted no time in showing all of the anticipated drama between the couples. While 4 episodes have already been released, 6 more episodes will be released in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Rasmus Hedenstedt has been getting a lot of attention, for the wrong reason though. As a result, people have been wanting to know more about him. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet Rasmus Hedenstedt From Love Is Blind: Sweden & Find Him on Instagram!

Similar to Sergio, it appears many Love Is Blind: Sweden viewers do not like Rasmus Hedenstedt. Some claim that his behavior towards Krisse-Ly Kuldkepp was completely intolerable. Viewers have been criticizing him across all platforms, especially on Reddit. Before going deep into the criticism, let’s first know a little more about him, including his age and profession.

Well, his various reports suggest that he works as Chief Operating Officer at Transiett. Prior to that, he worked as a Business Consultant at Vroom Stockholm AB. He also served as CEO at Stressless Watches Stockholm AB. Furthermore, he has also worked as a car dealer at Bilia in the past.

Rasmus works as COO at Transiett. blurred-reality.comRasmus works as COO at Transiett.
Image Source: Netflix

As for his education, he went to the Education Center Jan Fridegård to study “. Additionally, he is currently 32 years old and can be found on Instagram at (@rasmushedenstedt).

Reddit Criticizes Rasmus for Being “Shallow” and Racist!

Rasmus Hedenstedt‘s personality and behavior in Love Is Blind: Sweden was very harsh and evident that it didn’t take viewers even a single episode to hate him. He was very conscious about how his partner would look.

Taking to a Reddit discussion, a lot of viewers criticized him for different reasons. One person labeled him “swallow” writing,

I hope Rasmus got the same flack from the other men that Sergio did. They both made comments about how much looks mattered to them, though I will admit Sergio was obviously more shallow, in that Amanda was opening up to him and being vulnerable and from what she shared about being bullied, assumed that she was/is ugly.

Another user believed he was racist as he frequently commented negatively about Chinese people. The user wrote,

Rasmus is shallow AF!! Krisse-Ly is gorg!! His comments before he met her were awful & racist!! He’s a child!!! What’s he doing on LiB??

Similarly, another wrote,

The Chinese comment p*ssed me off. What did he even mean by that? Also, Chinese people wouldn’t find him attractive anyways because of his huge gut.

Are Krisse-Ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Still Together?

Although Krisse-ly and Rasmus have not made their relationship status public, their separate social media platform feeds are a clear indication of their ongoing happy relationship. It appears that they walked down the aisle at the end of this experiment in the spring of 2023, then journeyed around Italy for their summer honeymoon before settling in Stockholm.

Krisse-ly and Rasmus appear to be still together. blurred-reality.comKrisse-ly and Rasmus appear to be still together.
Image Source: Netflix

After all, not only do they mutually follow each other on Instagram, but their posts also contain major hints; the now Interior Designer and Sales Assistant has a ring on her finger in nearly every recent upload, the Transiett COO’s distinctive arm tattoos can be seen in a couple of her group shots, and he now has her face tattooed on the inside of his left arm.