Does Sergio From Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ Have a Baby in Barcelona? Photo & Reddit Update

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Does Sergio From Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ Have a Baby in Barcelona? Photo & Reddit – Even though Sergio denied the rumor of him expecting a baby from a woman in Barcelona in Love Is Blind: Sweden, many Reddit users believe he was lying as he never tried to debunk the rumor. While there is no photo or evidence of him having a baby, some people are convinced that he is hiding it from everyone.

One of the most well-known series to emerge from the streaming boom is Love is Blind, a Netflix reality dating show in which couples get engaged sight unseen. The participants get to know each other in “pods,” which are small rooms where they can’t see who is chatting on the other end.

Using their best judgment, these candidates decide whether to propose to the amorphous blob on the other side of the glass or accept a proposal. The show resulted in several international spin-offs, including Love Is Blind: Brazil, Love Is Blind: Japan, and the latest, Love Is Blind: Sweden.

From the recently released Swedish version of the show, Sergio has been getting a lot of attention because of his “negative energy” as well as his attitude toward his partner. Meanwhile, we also have discovered that many people are interested to know if he has a baby. Well, let’s find out what the buzz is all about.

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Here’s Why We Believe Sergio Might Be Expecting a Baby in Barcelona: Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ & Reddit Update

Just when things were going in the right direction between Amanda and Sergio (@mrsergiorincon) after their trip to Cyprus, the rumor about Sergio expecting a baby from a woman in Barcelona, Spain, was a subject of discussion among the Love is Blind: Sweden ladies.

Sergio preferred to discuss the speculation with Amanda directly, claiming that he had no idea why such a thing was being said. He said that the rumor was untrue and that he loved Amanda more than ever. And that’s it. That was everything about the rumor on the show.

However, many viewers are convinced that he has a baby coming to Barcelona. Taking to a Reddit discussion, many users expressed that they found it suspicious as Sergio never tried to find the source who spread the rumor. One user wrote,

I’m still confused on how the “Sergio has a child to be born in Spain” was just glossed as a “rumor” and nothing else came from it. I mean, dude, if someone is saying I have a child that will be born and I know that’s not the case, I’ll try to find out who’s trying where this came from. The guy didn’t even press to check the source of this rumor. Quite weird.

Most Reddit users are convinced that Sergio is expecting a baby from a woman in Barcelona. blurred-reality.comMost Reddit users are convinced that Sergio is expecting a baby from a woman in Barcelona.
Image Source: Netflix

Similarly, another wrote,

Sergio’s reaction was also extremely weird. He never denied it once that we saw on camera. Never said “I don’t have a child on the way in Barcelona”. That seems so sus as well.

Well, we cannot do anything but wait for strong evidence in the future, maybe a photo of him carrying a baby. Additionally, many viewers believe Amanda should not be with Sergio, regardless of whether or not he is expecting a baby in Barcelona.

More Facts About Sergio: Early Life, Profession & More!

Sergio from Love is Blind: Sweden is currently 38 years old and has been working as a DJ for more than 2 decades. He began DJing in 2000 at the age of 15, but the Sweden native is still spinning records on the side. He has had the opportunity to DJ in several locations throughout Sweden.

Many of you might be unaware that he was once a bartender. Sergio worked as a bartender at Glade Viking while he was still a teenager, according to his own website.

Although Sergio frequently works as a DJ, he has also created some of his own original mixes in the House genre. He shares his creativity on his official Soundcloud page. The last time he released new music was four years ago.

Sergio currently works as a DJ and soccer team coach. blurred-reality.comSergio currently works as a DJ and soccer team coach.
Image Source: Instagram

He appears to be a busy man, especially with DJing, and producing his own music. However, fans should be aware that Sergio is also a soccer coach. Sergio moved to Barcelona, Spain two years ago after residing in Stockholm, Sweden for several years. He now leads a young soccer club there.