Vacation (Honeymoon) Location of Love Is Blind: Sweden

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Vacation (Honeymoon) Location of Love Is Blind: Sweden – Cyprus was the vacation (honeymoon) location for the couples in Love Is Blind: Sweden. To be precise, they were vacationed in Atlantis Gardens Resort in Larnaca, Cyprus. 

Following its success in different countries, Love Is Blind has headed to Sweden. A fresh cast of singles attempts to discover whether or not love is indeed blind in Netflix‘s Love is Blind: Sweden.

Singles fall in love with someone for who they are on the inside and choose to marry them regardless of appearance. They’ll live together for the next four weeks, plan their wedding, and try to strengthen their emotional bond with a physical connection. The spin-off has already created a constant stir among admirers.

While most of the initial scenes are filmed in Stockholm, Sweden, the couples go to another location for vacation or let’s say honeymoon in order to see each other and establish physical intimacy following the dating phase. Impressed with the location, many viewers have been wanting to know where the couples went for vacation. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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All About the Vacation (Honeymoon) Location in Love Is Blind: Sweden!

Apart from all the drama between the couples going on the set of Love Is Blind: Sweden, many viewers have been seeking information about the vacation location. To be honest, it was a delight for eyes to watch the location. Well, they were taken to Cyprus for their honeymoon. To be precise, they were taken to Atlantis Gardens Resort in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The Love Is Blind: Sweden couples vacationed in Atlantis Gardens Resort in Larnaca, Cyprus. blurred-reality.comThe Love Is Blind: Sweden couples vacationed in Atlantis Gardens Resort in Larnaca, Cyprus.
Image Source: Atlantis Gardens

Cyprus, a Mediterranean treasure, is a very good option if you’re looking for an affordable honeymoon location. It captivates its rich history, gorgeous beaches, and dynamic culture. Discover historical sites like Kourion or unwind on the beautiful beaches of Nissi Beach. Enjoy authentic Cypriot cuisine, including halloumi cheese and souvlaki.

Wander through lovely villages like Omodos, with cobblestone lanes leading to local markets. Paphos, a coastal city, welcomes you to explore its archaeological attractions, including the King’s Tombs. Cyprus, with its moderate climate all year, provides the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, making it a great place for a memorable vacation in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The visuals in Love Is Blind: Sweden look so beautiful that some viewers have already added the location to their bucket list. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

It looks absolutely gorgeous! I assume it’s somewhere within a short flight from Sweden, but hopefully still accessible for someone from the States. I’m as much here for the travel recommendations as I am for the drama.

However, a lot of other users have expressed their disappointment with the country in the same discussion. Most of them added that they didn’t feel safe in many of the locations in Cyprus. One user expressed,

Cyprus. Been there, done that, was rather a disappointment, except if you go to an expensive private part and stay at your hotel/beach. I was frequently harassed by men, didn’t feel safe going out alone and I’m traveling alone all the time. This was the only country I’ve ever felt unsafe and I’ve been to some shady parts. There was also a lot of garbage on the streets, poor stray cats everywhere and no sidewalk so I had to be careful not to be run over all the time.

When Will the New Episodes of Love Is Blind: Sweden Released?

Love Is Blind: Sweden, created by Chris Coelen, is based on the American version of the same name. The show follows a group of competitors who are forced to make dating decisions based on the other’s core traits rather than physical beauty. Meanwhile, Season 1 viewers are curious about the number of episodes in the series and when each new episode will air.

Love Is Blind: Sweden has 10 episodes in total. blurred-reality.comLove Is Blind: Sweden has 10 episodes in total.
Image Source: Netflix

Well, the first four out of ten episodes have already been released. Episodes 5–8 are set to premiere on January 19, 2024. Episode 9 will be released on January 26. Meanwhile, Episode 10’s release date is TBD.

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