Couples Who Are Still Together From ‘Love Is Blind’ Sweden Season 1: Reddit Update

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Couples Who Are Still Together From ‘Love Is Blind’ Sweden Season 1: Reddit Update – As inquired by many Reddit users, here’s our take on how many couples are still together out of 5 couples who got engaged in Love Is Blind: Sweden season 1.

Love Is Blind: Sweden on Netflix opens a new chapter in reality TV by bringing the internationally popular Love Is Blind franchise to a Swedish audience. This version reflects the original series’ emphasis on emotional connections over physical appearances, with participants communicating in separate pods and developing relationships without seeing each other.

The program, which features 33 unique singles, promises a one-of-a-kind blend of personal experiences and cultural nuances. Hosted by Jessica Almenäs, who has previously been on The Biggest Loser and Let’s Dance, it adds a distinct Swedish flavor to the popular concept.

Considering it has been over a year since Season 1 was filmed, we have found that many people, especially on Reddit, are curious to know how many couples are still together to this date. Well, let’s find it out together.

‘Love Is Blind’ Sweden: How Many Couples Are Still Together?

We have to wait for further episodes to confirm couples who are still together. blurred-reality.comWe have to wait for further episodes to confirm couples who are still together.
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Since only 4 out of 10 episodes of Love Is Blind: Sweden have been released so far, it’s hard to figure out how many couples are still together. Out of 32 singles, only 1o (5 couples) of them were able to get engaged. Even though we have yet to confirm whether or not they are together, here is our verdict on whether those 5 couples are still together:

1) Amanda Jonegard and Sergio Rincon

Sergio Rincón and Amanda were having problems throughout Love Is Blind: Sweden. Both were upset and trying to convince each other most of the time. During their vacation to Cyprus, Sergio mentioned that he was unsure about their relationship and that Amanda was not doing enough. This was something she tried to address later, but Sergio was unsure what to say or believe.

The two reality TV stars have not publicly discussed their connection. They did not end their relationship while in Cyprus, but they were also not on good terms. However, we are confident that, if nothing else, they will remain on good terms as they continue to follow each other on social media.

2) Catja Lövstrand and Christofer Pocock

Although Catja and Christofer have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship status as of this writing, their public internet presence suggests that they have split permanently. First of all, they don’t follow or interact with each other in any way on Instagram, not even by haphazardly liking or casually commenting on each other’s posts, which is something that the majority of cast members have done even if they are related.

Love is Blind: Sweden was allegedly filmed in the spring of 2023, and neither the 32-year-old HR specialist nor the 34-year-old self-employed hunk have been spotted with rings on their ever-important fingers since.

3) Emilia Holmqvist and Lucas Gustavsson

As of writing, neither Emilia nor Lucas have provided any updates on if they are still together. Given that they are still following each other on Instagram, we are confident that they are still on good terms. It remains to be seen how the two dealt with their physical intimacy concerns, but one can’t deny that both were keen to maintain the wonderful and meaningful link they had developed with each other.

4) Krisse-ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Hedenstedt

Although neither Krisse-ly nor Rasmus has made their relationship status public as of this writing, their distinct social media platform feeds are a clear indication of their ongoing happy participation. In fact, it looks like they tied the knot at the end of Love Is Blind: Sweden in the spring of 2023, then took a summer honeymoon in Italy before moving to Stockholm. It seems they are still together.

5) Meira Omar and Oskar Nordstrand

Both Oskar and Meira have chosen not to reveal the details of their relationship to the public. The tensions that arose between the couple during their Cyprus trip undoubtedly kept many viewers on edge.

Furthermore, the fact that the two reality TV stars do not follow each other on Instagram has left many fans wondering if the couple eventually decided not to marry. However, there has been no formal declaration addressing the matter, leaving the public in suspense about the two.