Emilia Holmqvist From ‘Love Is Blind’ Sweden: Instagram & Age

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Emilia Holmqvist From ‘Love Is Blind’ Sweden: Instagram & Age blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Emilia Holmqvist from Love Is Blind: Sweden is currently 34 years old and works as a Print Operator. She can be found on Instagram at (@emiliaholmqvist).

The Love Is Blind franchise is so popular in the United States that Netflix has chosen to expand the reality television show into many spin-offs around the world. With shows already expanded in Brazil and Japan, the series has finally arrived in Europe with Love Is Blind: Sweden.

With 2 episodes released so far, the Swedish version has already met the level of drama of the original version. 32 singles participate in the show to find their soul mate and leave the show with rings on their fingers.

Emilia Holmqvist, one of the contestants, has received a lot of attention from the viewers. Of course, they want to know more about her, including her age and Instagram. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Meet Emilia Holmqvist From ‘Love Is Blind’ Sweden: Find Her Age & Instagram

Emilia Holmqvist started her Love Is Blind: Sweden journey with a smile on her face as she quickly got close to Lucas Gustavsson. Before discussing their chemistry, let’s first know a little more about Emilia, including her age and profession.

As for her age, the official Netflix page suggests that she is currently 34 years old. As for her profession, she currently works as a Print Operator in a company named Holmquistsign in Huddinge, Stockholm County, Sweden. Her LinkedIn profile, also suggests that she worked as a logistic manager in the same company from 2015 to 2022.

Emilia Holmqvist is currently 34 years old. blurred-reality.comEmilia Holmqvist is currently 34 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

Additionally, you can find her on Instagram at (@emiliaholmqvist) where she has over 1200 followers. She frequently shares pictures from her day-to-day life, especially vacations, on the platform. Also, she loves spending time with her friends.

Other than that, very little is known about Emilia known. We will certainly update you as soon as we receive any updates on her.

Emilia and Lucas Struggled After Getting Engaged on Love Is Blind: Sweden

Season 1 of Love Is Blind: Sweden saw Emilia and Lucas come together in a way that left many fans gushing. During their time in the pods, the two became increasingly close, with neither able to keep a smile off their faces when discussing the other. However, Lucas had become close to Karolina and was confused between the two amazing ladies. In turn, they were both equally interested in establishing a bond with Lucas.

However, things changed once Lucas gave Emilia a compass necklace that he had worn while out at sea. In exchange, she had written him a letter with self-composed poetry that conveyed her feelings and desires. This made Karolina uncomfortable, as she was solely concerned about Lucas. As a result, she decided to be a little more open and send him her letter, along with a piece of underwear, just to make him chuckle.

Emilia Holmqvist and Lucas are one of the 5 couples who get engaged. blurred-reality.comEmilia Holmqvist and Lucas are one of the 5 couples who get engaged.
Image Source: Netflix

While Lucas appreciated Karolina’s gift, he revealed to her that his feelings for Emilia were probably deeper. Karolina mentioned that he was reserved around her, to which he agreed, but added that he felt the same way.

He went on to say that their relationship had not progressed as much as they had hoped and that he wanted to focus only on Emilia, which crushed Karolina’s heart. Emilia was overjoyed to learn about her exclusive relationship with Lucas. As a result, it came as no surprise that she accepted Lucas’ proposal when he got down on one knee.

After being engaged, Emilia and Lucas (@luukovich) were both very excited to meet for the first time. Their post-engagement meeting was filled with joy as they expressed how much they loved each other. However, their happiness in their romance did not endure long, especially after they traveled to Cyprus for their honeymoon.

With 6 episodes left to be released, it would be interesting to see how the couple ends the show. Will they get married? Will they part ways? We shall find it in the future.