Queer Eye Carrot Recipe from Season 6: Everything You Need to Know!

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Queer Eye Carrot Recipe from Season 6: Everything You Need to Know!

Carrot recipe, a famous dish from Queer Eye Season 6 has caught everyone’s eyes, and now, almost all the spectators want to treat themselves to this carrot recipe. Do you also fall into this category?

Premiering on 31st December 2021, Netflix‘s one of the hits, Queer Eye Season 6, was definitely worth watching.

Being a strong representation of the LGBTQI community, all the five casts, who are mainly known as fab fives are part of the community, and in ten different episodes of Queer Eye Season 6, these people brought 10 new heroes to spice up the episodes.

On the third episode of Queer Eye Season 6, fab fives introduced us to Josh, a beef rancher, who seems to believe that vegan food and vegetables are tedious, and the food is only delicious when there’s meat.

Thus, to take Josh out from his futile illusion, the food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski served him with his mouth-watering carrot recipe, a vegan dish.

With the happiness seen in Josh’s face and the comment he made on Porowski’s carrot recipe, the spectators commenced changing themselves into food chefs in no time. So, do you also want to serve yourself with the carrot recipe?

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Queer Eye Season 6’s Rainbow Carrot Recipe from Antoni Porowski

Gaining immense popularity from the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6, Antoni’s (@antoni) carrot recipe is the most demanded, and today, everyone wants to make this healthy vegan dish.

Not that you have to have the wholesome knowledge of cooking or be a highly qualified chef, anyone who is passionate about cooking or even the ones who haven’t cooked for the first time can make this carrot recipe.

So, are you excited to know the ingredients and the procedure of this dish?

Ingredients to Make Carrot Recipe From Queer Eye Season 6

Rainbow carrots (5-7 pieces), 2 tsp Olive oil, Butter, Salt of your taste, Fresh Thyme, Liquid Sweetener, Chilli Flakes.

Antoni used dairy butter but then you can use any type of butter, and for liquid sweetener, honey was used.

Procedure to Make Carrot Recipe From Queer Eye Season 6

With the help of a vegetable peeler, expunge the unnecessary skins of carrots along with the tough stem. Then, use a frying pan, heat up the pan, and add butter to it. Wait for the butter to melt, and as soon as you see the melted butter, add the carrots to the pan.

Swirl the pan, and to add flavor to the carrot recipe, add salt according to your taste because everyone’s salt preference can be different. After heating the carrots for a few more minutes, you will start seeing those orange carrots turning to a slightly brownish color.

Turn the carrots one by one, ensure both sides are brown, and do not let only one side be overcooked. As soon as you feel like it’s proper brown, turn off the heat. While the pan is still warm, add fresh thyme, liquid sweetener, chili flakes.

After the addition of all these ingredients, using a spatula, twist and turn around to spread the flavor. Now, your carrot recipe is all ready to get in your mouth. You should really spend a few minutes of your day trying out this particular carrot recipe because you are really missing out on something.

Antoni’s Porowski’s Food Recipe Book: Queer Eye Season 6

If you want to try out other mouth-watering dishes from the food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, you can either buy a food book, teeming with all the delicious recipes, which you can easily purchase from Amazon.

However, the other alternative is going to his restaurant, The Village Den, located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City.

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