Queer Eye Gumbo Recipe from Season 6: Learn the Secret Ingredient!

Shibakshya Rai

Queer Eye Gumbo Recipe from Season 6: Learn the Secret Ingredient!

Antoni Porowski’s famous gumbo recipe from Queer Eye Season 6 is on-demand and today, myriads of people are fascinated by it and want to serve themselves with the gumbo. Do you know the secret ingredient for the gumbo recipe?

Releasing exactly ten episodes on 31st December 2021, Netflix‘s American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6, was undoubtedly one of the hits.

Having five casts, mainly prominent as fab fives, the show is a strong representation of the LGBTQI community, and in all ten episodes, we got to meet ten different heroes.

During every episode, the food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski made some special dishes to serve the heroes in the episodes. In Queer Season 6, Antoni’s myriads of food recipes went viral, and people commenced their curiosity on how to make specific dishes that Porowski made in the show.

Presently, among all different food recipes, his gumbo recipe (just as carrot recipe) is catching the heed, mainly because winter is all around, and everyone might want to serve themselves with gumbo alongside the rice. So, are you ready to make gumbo?

Queer Eye Season 6: Gumbo Recipe from Antoni Porowski

One of the eminent casts of the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6, Antoni Porowski (@antoni) is immensely well-known for being the food and wine expert along with his mouth-watering food recipes.

Also, the best part about his food recipe is one doesn’t have to be too perfect or have years of experience in cooking. To that point, with simple yet delicious recipes, every other person can turn himself/herself into a chef. So, for now, let’s get started to know about his gumbo recipe.

Ingredients to make Gumbo Recipe from Queer Eye Season 6

Flour, oil, celery, onions, bell pepper, parsley, green bell pepper, okra, sausage, chicken, cajun seasoning, shrimp, salt, chicken bullion paste, garlic

For sausage and chicken, take your own measurements, specifying the number of people you are making the gumbo for.

Procedure to make Gumbo Recipe from Queer Eye Season 6

Firstly, we need to make the roux, and for that, heat the pan, with flour and oil on it. Do not stop stirring, and you will see the liquid changing its color to light brown.

Be careful while you stir as the droplet might burn your hand, and remember the darker the mixture turns out, the better the gumbo will be. Take another pan, fry the sausage, until both sides turn out to be brown.

In the meantime, chop onions, okra, and all the veggies that you want to add to your gumbo. Then, add all the veggies to the pan with the roux. To enhance the taste, add cajun seasoning, and drop all the chicken, sausage, and shrimp into the same pan.

Heat for some more minutes and your gumbo recipe is all ready to be served. You can either eat it alone or eat with rice. Hope you’ll enjoy the famous Antoni gumbo recipe.

Also, if you cannot finish the whole gumbo in a single day, there’s nothing to worry about because this food is quite different from others, and tastes better the next day.

Where is Antoni’s Porowski’s Restaurant?

Teeming with extreme cognition on food and wine, the Queer Eye Season 6 cast, Antoni Porowski’s food recipes are immensely famous throughout the world.

While he has been selling his food book on amazon, myriads of people are exhilarated to go to his restaurant and treat themselves to his mouth-watering dishes.

Porowski may have several restaurants, conversely, The Village Den is quite eminent and is located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City. So, next time, you have a date, don’t forget to visit his restaurant.

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