Queer Eye: Antoni Porowski’s Smoothie Recipe on Season 6!

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Queer Eye: Antoni Porowski's Smoothie Recipe on Season 6!

With the end of Queer Eye Season 6, people are thrilled at trying Antoni Porowski’s smoothie recipe, having the flavor of pistachio milk and pea protein powder.

Releasing Queer Eye Season 6 on 31st December 2021, Netflix caught everyone’s eyes. The reality show is all about bringing new heroes in every episode and trying to help them with their life complications.

Hosted by five hosts: Jonathon, Karamo, Antoni, Tan, and Bobby, the show is a strong representation of the LGBTQI community, and giving all of their potentials, these casts help in solving people’s problems.

Not only did Queer Eye Season 6 bring fame to all these five casts, but it also brought Antoni Porowski’s food recipes on demand. From his cauliflower steak recipe to his smoothie recipe, people are wanting to become chefs themselves with absolutely no knowledge on cooking but following his recipes.

Presently, his smoothie recipe has been gaining maximum exposure from the public. Do you want to treat yourself to Porowksi’s mouth-watering recipes?

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Queer Eye Season 6: Smoothie Recipe from Antoni Porowski

Who doesn’t know Antoni Porowski from the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6? The one and only food expert, who is immensely well-known for his fabulous varieties of food recipes.

His procedure in making the smoothie, with the addition of pistachio milk, and pea protein powder is quite different from the other normal smoothies. Are you exhilarated to know how Porowski makes his drink?

Ingredients for Making Antoni’s Smoothie

1 liter (if you are making for your whole family) silk almond milk, also known as Pistachio Milk, a few ice cubes, Medjool dates, lime zest,2 tsp lime juice, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, and pea protein powder.

You can use lemon juice if you are running out of lime, and for protein powder, it isn’t necessary to get pea protein rather you can choose any flavor of your choice. The same goes for dates, conversely, other dates do not taste as good  Medjool dates do.

Procedure for Making Antoni’s Smoothie

Beginning with the silk milk, popularly known as Pistachio Milk, pour the liquid into your desired vessel. While doing so, you will feel a thick paste flowing slowly and steadily, thus, don’t hurry and give time in collecting in the vessel.

Then, take a few ice cubes; there’s no exact number of cubes that you should be taking, so approximate how cold you want your smoothie to be. Drop the ice cubes on top of your milk, and let it sink in.

Now, turn your full concentration on Medjool dates and expunge the pit. Add these dates in your drink, along with 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 2 tsp lime juice, and pea protein powder.

With a sweet and sour taste, your smoothie is all ready to sip. Next time, your partner comes to meet you, don’t forget in making them this drink.

Queer Eye Season 6: Antoni Porowski’s Coffee-Banana Smoothie

Not only his pistachio milk with Medjool dates is the perfect smoothie, but Antoni’s coffee-banana smoothie is also no lesser. So, let’s get started in making this recipe.

Ingredients for Making Antoni’s Coffee-Banana Smoothie Recipe

1-liter unsweetened milk, 1 frozen banana, 2 tsp peanut butter, 1/2 cup of cold brew, 2 scoops of vanilla, 2 tsp flax or chia seeds, 1-2 scoops of whey protein, and a few ice cubes.

Procedure for Making Antoni’s Coffee-Banana Smoothie recipe

Take a blender, and add 1-liter unsweetened milk. Then, peel off the frozen banana, smash it and place it inside along with the milk. Adding 2 tsp of peanut butter and flax seeds, give more flavor to your drink.

Also, keep 2 scoops of vanilla and flax seeds or chia seeds (according to your preference), and blend this mixture. Take a fine glass, drop a few ice cubes and then, pour the thick smoothie paste into your glass. You will definitely love this drink.

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