Are Arti Lalwani and Jamal From Indian Matchmaking Still Together? Are They Married? Instagram & Reddit Update! 

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Are Arti Lalwani and Jamal From Indian Matchmaking Still Together? Are They Married? Instagram & Reddit Update!

As of this writing, Arti Lalwani and Jamal from Indian Matchmaking are still together. As Reddit users inquired, Arti and Jamal are still happily engaged (evidenced by their Instagram posts) and are soon getting married. 

Season 3 of Netflix‘s Indian Matchmaking lives up to its title and previous installments in every way conceivable, giving us a true glimpse into what dating is like in the Indian community. After all, it revolves mostly around Mumbai, India-based renowned matchmaker Sima Taparia and her efforts to assist lovelorn singles from all over the world in finding their perfect, forever partners.

Arti Lalwani and Jamal were one of the couples who got engaged in the recent season. Many people, especially Reddit users, want to know if they are still together, if they have already gotten married, or if they have split up. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Arti Lalwani and Jamal from Indian Matchmaking Season 3: From What We’ve Witnessed So Far, We Believe the Couple Got Engaged & Are Still Together!

If we’re being honest, things weren’t simple for Arti Lalwani (@artihlalwani) and Jamal (@jamal_trainer) from Indian Matchmaking, even if they appeared to be perfectly suited at every step of the way because the latter is a Muslim from Pakistan. They assumed they wouldn’t face any internal opposition because her elder sister had married a Muslim as well, but this wasn’t the case — though she was especially concerned about what her father would think. Nonetheless, the pair was able to go on since Arti recognized her father would probably come around in a few weeks because he’d know Jamal made her truly happy. Arti conceded at one point,

[Jamal] makes me laugh. Sometimes, he puts up with my stuff. Sometimes, he doesn’t. Most of the time, he doesn’t. He’s like super attentive. Anytime I’m even a little bit agitated with him, he’s like, ‘Oh, you’re hangry. Let me bring you some food.’… When he’s not around, I kind of miss where he is… He gets what I want in our future, and everything matches up. We spend so much time together that some days he’s just super annoying, but I really like him, and I really can see it.

Arti Lalwani and Jamal are still together & engaged.Arti Lalwani and Jamal are still together & engaged.
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It’s no surprise that Arti and Jamal’s families quickly welcomed them, prompting the latter to finally act on what he knew he wanted nearly from the start — marriage with her. The fact that he designed her ring himself because he knew her father had promised to do so but couldn’t is just one piece of evidence of how much he cared. As a result, around a year after they first became involved, he got down on one knee beside the pier, and she clearly said yes.

Indeed, based on Arti and Jamal’s social media platforms, it appears like the couple is still happily engaged – she is frequently seen wearing her ring in tagged images. Furthermore, not only have they been on one other’s Instagram feeds since early 2022, but they also celebrated Holi with Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta this past March. However, any updates on when they are getting married are currently unavailable.

Arti Lalwani and Jamal having dinner together.Arti Lalwani and Jamal having dinner together.
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Arti Lalwani made it clear from the start that she is a strong, independent, and successful woman who theoretically doesn’t need a guy. However, because it was her father’s dream for her to be blissfully settled down, and he, unfortunately, passed away on July 23, 2021, she decided to start looking into it because it felt like the proper time for her as well. She admittedly wasn’t ready to start a family, but she sincerely wanted someone with whom she could share not only her deepest, truest self but also her entire life experience.

When Sima Taparia entered the picture, Arti made it obvious that her possible husband should have a good, familial upbringing and be at least as motivated in his entire lifestyle as she is. Her other requirements were for him to be raised in America but from a comparable cultural background so that he could comprehend who she was while still being kind and confident. There was also the fact that her jeweler father preferred a boy from the Sindi community to be her love because of their shared heritage, but she believed that an Indian is an Indian and wasn’t too choosy about it.

As a result, Arti Lalwani was offered with New Yorker Avinash Shingwani and Californian Ashman Murti as suitors, but the distance, combined with the dry chats, made it evident that it wouldn’t work out. It was truly so severe that she considered leaving the project to pursue a career in compliance at a cyber-security business, only to run into Jamal on her own.

Later, in the Netflix original show, she frankly stated, “I think I joined it [a dating app] on a Thursday,” before disclosing she met Jamal there on the following Tuesday, just five days later. She continued, “Literally, [Jamal] had this kickboxing picture and I used to kickbox, so that was one of the things that really attracted me to him… I liked him back. At the end of the day, he’s cute.

Though Arti didn’t realize it at the time, her primary motivation for talking to Jamal was the fact that she had been looking for a coach to help her get back into the sport for some time. The two actually met that evening at a neighboring Costco, where the former assisted him with grocery shopping while the latter bought pizza. Given that they just lived four blocks away, they made the perfect date for a Costco fanatic.