Is Nicole Young From Selling Sunset an Athlete?

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Is Nicole Young From Selling Sunset an Athlete?

Even though Nicole Young from Selling Sunset has a very athletic body, she is not a professional athlete. However, she does like playing beach volleyball whenever she has free time.

With the tenacity of its cast members at every turn, Netflix‘s Selling Sunset is the definition of reality television and only grows bigger and more cattier with each new season. After all, it centers on The Oppenheim Group’s (or The OGroup’s) ambitious real estate agents as they live their daily lives in front of the cameras for our pure amusement.

Season 6 of the reality show has now finally arrived on the streaming platform. The new season is full of unexpected twists, from Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, and Vanessa Villela‘s sudden disappearance to G Flip, Chrishell Stause‘s new partner, making her first appearance on the show. Additionally, Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi, two brand-new cast members, are also introduced in order to spice up events at The Oppenheim Group.

Meanwhile, many people have been obsessed with Nicole Young and have been learning more about her. On the other hand, many people wonder if she is an athlete since she has a very athletic-looking body. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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While Nicole Young Does Like Playing Beach Volleyball, She Is Not a Professional Athlete: Selling Sunset Update!

There’s no doubt, Nicole Young (@itsnicoleyoung) has absolutely stunning and fit body. Any man can easily fall in love with the Selling Sunset star. Despite her athlete-looking body, we are here to notify you that she is not an athlete. She is not a professional model as well. She has been in the real estate business for over a decade. However, it is important to note that she is an avid beach volleyball player when she has free time.

No, Nicole Young is not a professional athlete. blurred-reality.comNo, Nicole Young is not a professional athlete.
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While it does take a lot to achieve a physique like an athlete, it is easy than you actually think. All you have to do is follow a strict workout routine and have a properly balanced diet. And we believe Nicole might have followed the same. After all, women care more about their body shape than men do, especially if you’re approaching your 40s. Now let’s get to know more details about her.

Nicole Young, who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, later relocated to Texas to attend college. According to Us Weekly and her O Group bio, she attended Baylor University in the early 2000s, majoring in marketing and public relations before relocating to Los Angeles in 2007. Nicole worked as a marketing consultant while she was an undergraduate, and this position ultimately lead her to real estate. Her O Group bio says,

Known for her unwavering integrity and candor, Nicole will not advocate any deal unless she is confident it is the right move at the right time.

Since her LinkedIn profile states that she began working at Jason and Brett‘s office in December 2014, we can say that she has been good in the business for a long time now. Deadline even referred to her as the “O.G. of The Oppenheim Group,” claiming that she had been the company’s top realtor for the longest time and had generated $100 million in sales.

Nicole Young is also known as the O.G. of The Oppenheim Group. blurred-reality.comNicole Young is also known as the O.G. of The Oppenheim Group.
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Talking about her relationship status, she married her husband, Brandon Young, back in 2017. She resides with him and their two dogs, a Brussels Griffon & a French bulldog.

Of course, Nicole Young is not afraid of drama. Nicole is actually eager for the public to witness every aspect of her life, and she gets along well with some of the other agents. She even officiated Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet’s wedding in 2019 and attended Christine Quinn’s baby shower with the rest of the cast in 2021. Regarding the drama that invariably surfaces when filming, Nicole previously said,

I fully realize that’s a large and unavoidable aspect of the show, but I have pretty thick skin. I’m not easily offended and I have no qualms about voicing my opinion, so I’m not too worried..It’s going to be a fun, wild ride and I’m here for all of it!!!” A great mindset to have, IMO!

Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix.

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